Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mum the Killjoy.

A photo of my foot next to a balloon in Katoomba Street last week.

Except it's not really a balloon, is it? I was walking up the street next to Rocco and he suddenly shouts out, "MY BALL!!"

Around about the time I noticed it was actually a blown-up condom, he picks it up and starts batting it around.

All I could think was, CUM BALLOON. So I walk straight up to him and batted it away. As I snapped this photo (I don't know why either) ... a gust of wind came up. We both watched as the balloon was pulled underneath a truck.

Rocco was mad at me. Rightly so - he doesn't know what a condom is. He just thinks his mother is a COMPLETE ARSEHOLE for knocking a ball out of his hands.


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