Friday, 2 March 2012

It's a Sign.

My guardian angels are probably catatonic right now. Hunched over, talking to themselves ... I hope they're getting paid overtime.

I'm pretty sure that everybody is born with one guardian angel but get allocated more if needed. Somewhere down the track God got on his red phone and barked, "What's this bitches problem? Send her down some more, Jesus." And Jesus is all, "Yes, Father?" And they look at each other, confused.

Sometimes I'm sitting in a recovery meeting and I'm listening to all these amazing people talk about incredibly difficult, powerful things .. and I picture all of our guardian angels lined up outside on the roof, talking to each other. Shooting the shit. Smoking cigarettes and comparing stories. No demons allowed, man. That's what makes meetings so sacred.

Guardian angels are real. You know how you have these little beliefs or omens about the world .. signs, that everything is going to be ok? My friend Brooke used to see the clock and if it said 4.44 or 2.22 she'd shout GOD'S THINKING ABOUT ME. (I say the same thing, except I substitute the word "God" for "Bono.")

So my own personal theory is: if I see a feather on the ground it means that a guardian angel has *just* been there. True story. I've been taking photos of guardian angel feathers for a few years, think I have over thirty by now. Here's a sample, all taken in the past three months.

Hark, angelproof!

I always feel slightly stupid when I take the photos, because people want to look at what I'm doing. I do it anyway. Life's better lived outside your comfort zone. I never touch or move the feathers, either. Just snap and walk away.

My favourite thing about this post is that YOU (you! yes you!) will always think of guardian angels when you see feathers on the ground now (you're welcome). By the way .. you know what gave me such a strong sense of a higher power? Seeing evil in the world, first hand. There is no way evil like that can exist without an opposite. Word up, homies.

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

This is yet another instalment of the Fresh Horses Brigade. A weekly series where some pretty amazing people seem to converge and share stuff. I'm really looking forward to hearing everybody's take - what's your own personal sign that things will be ok? That you're safe, in the world. That something or someone has your back.

(This is one of my most favourite posts I ever writ. True story.)


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