Thursday, 15 March 2012

Announcing ... the junkie vending machine!

I'm sick and cranky. When I'm sick, I don't take anything stronger than paracetamol. It's just - the best and right thing to do, for me.

As I stood in line today to buy some paracetamol, I heard a weird whirring sound. What was it?


Had to pretend I was texting, to get this photo. Because who takes a photo of a junkie vending machine?

A prescription drug vending machine, man. This is how far we've come. THIS is how humans have evolved ... with our ails and aches and problems and diseases. Some engineer drew up the plans for this baby, and it was made.

Technically, it's only for the registered chemist to use. But I predict these will one day be on every street corner. You know, for convenience.

Have you ever looked around the streets of your neighbourhood and noticed the huge chemist/drugstores, the massive liquor chain stores, the fast food outlets? And you got a strange feeling that all was not right, in the world? But then got rid of that feeling with a six pack of beer, some Xanax, and a triple bacon cheeseburger deluxe?


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