Saturday, 18 February 2012

Weirdo Bloggers are WEIRDOS.

For the past few days I have been freaking out about blogging, blogs, all the things I've said, how dumb it is, how many years it would take for google caches to clear once I deleted my blog .... and all the explaining I'm going to have to do with my children.

I get this every once in a while. It'll pass.

In the meantime, I'm asking you to collude with me. Tell me why we do it? Who are your favourites .... your tribe, your people, the ones who talk your language? Who resonates with you? Your homies, your peers, your posse?


Liz Gumbinner from Mom 101 - Liz makes blogging look good. She works in advertising, has two young daughters and a husband and one of the best goddamn brains in town. She's American, lives in New York, and deconstructs topics on a regular basis. She's got the smarts. She hugged me last year when I was sweaty from dancing and she didn't care.

Karen Charlton from The Rhythm Method - I've only read about four of Karens blog posts. My mate Allison from Pink Fibro put me on to her ... my goodness. Karen can write. Like, WRITE. A swirly real writerly writer. Each post a delicious feast.

Pam from Bloodsigns - My Pam. She came to my blog when I was doing IVF, and cheered me on as I got pregnant with Rocco - loudly. We bonded over absent fathers and stepmothering and manly husbands. We've posted rocks from our gardens in the mail, to each other. I love her. We helped each other through stuff, and she is living proof that blogging runs deep.

I'll stop at three ... but there's a gazillion more. Who's your favourites? Any genre, any gender. I'd just like to be comforted by the fact that there's heaps more of us weirdos out there, bloggin' FOOLS.

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

Here's this weeks linkonian. I'd love it if you commented on a few other blogs who link up. Spread the love. Tell them they're not (that) weird.

I don't even know what a cache is .... like, a cache of guns? "Edenland was found hiding, quivering in her closet. A cache of blog posts beside her. She was charged with .... telling the goddamn truth." QUELLE HORREUR


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