Monday, 20 February 2012

My Skyclimber.

This is one of the best photos I will ever take. We got out of the car and I saw the sun setting over the water, so I asked him to climb across the monkey bars. He couldn't at first, said it was too slippery. So he jumped down, picked up handfuls of dirt and rubbed his hands in it like a gymnast does powder.

I don't know who taught him to do that. That's what happens when your kids start really growing up - they do shit of their own accord. It's awesome and terrifying.

He made his way across the first few bars, and I was snapping away until I got just the right shot.

It makes me tear up. I cannot believe this big, gangly boy used to be no bigger than my pinky nail. That he grew inside me, and came out with such a lifeforce that just burst me open into a thousand pieces. He makes my heart warm. The bridge of his nose tells me he will be strong in the world. He recited spelling words the other night that made me punch the air ... guy can spell like a CHAMP. Like me!

I hope he inherits only good things from me.

I want him to change the world and stand up for himself and to think. To look around, and see who needs helping. To learn his hard lessons with grace.

Probably the biggest thing I can teach him is to never give up. It's the one thing I keep learning, over and over again.


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