Friday, 17 February 2012

I Seen Better Days

Yesterday I felt low so I thought I'd cheer myself up and dye my hair. It came out purpley dark and I cried. I keep thinking, it's only hair it's only hair.

But it's MY hair.

I look like a middle-aged emo goth. I'm too vain to post a picture - on Monday I get it all stripped back and re-coloured. It's only going to take four hours and cost over a hundred bucks!

I'll be wearing a hat all weekend.

I had to cancel dinner plans tonight that I was really looking forward to. There was no summer this year and it's now almost autumn. I'm hungry. I feel like a walking nerve ending. Everything is stupid. Starving children of the world I care not for your plight .. I have the wrong hair colour. Pity me!

Just then I took my coffee out to my back deck and called Buddha an arsehole and we sat there looking at each other for a while. I thought I'd do something to really annoy myself, and check today's reading in my Daily Recovery iPhone app. They are usually so crap and trite ... "Live and let live" with an accompanying obligatory uplifting picture of a lighthouse or ocean scene.

Today's is majestic.

I don't know why my brain works the way it does, or who wrote that furiously dark reading. But my god I feel infinitely better.



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