Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Can I take a camera of you?

That's all I heard this morning from Rocco. "Mum, PLEASE can I take a camera of you?" I was finishing off writing THIS article about boobism, but stopped as he made me pose for him. Which is fine - I'm a poser! But he was getting frustrated because he couldn't work out how to take a camera of me at all.

I knelt down and wiped the tears from his sad little three-year old face .. and showed him how. He ran around the house, clicking everything in sight. The joy of learning a new thing! He took about twenty of me .. I was struck at how he sees the world.

                                            SMILE MUM

It continued in the car. Instead of the usual games, he was a photo snappin' fool.

                                     The summer that never was.

Today I realised I have the driving posture of a granny. Tough image? BLOWN 

We arrived at pre-school and I opened the door to let him out of the car, but he was busy taking photos. Instead of getting the cranks or rushing him, I simply said, "Sweetheart, mummy is standing in the rain."

So he got out of the car. We have reached the "reasoning" and "logic" part of our relationship. FISTPUMPS.

I took him in and scoped out all the other kids like I always do, making sure none were excluding him or being mean. This method involves sitting down on the ground and being the funnest mum ever! All the other kids come circling around wanting to show me stuff, while I ease Rocco into his playmates. Then I change tactics and was all cuddly and purposely clingy and kissy with him until he looked at me with mild annoyance and said, "You can go now mum."


Today is the protest at Facebooks office's in Sydney by breastfeeding mothers who have had accounts suspended because of their pornographic breastfeeding photos. I've just spent the last hour looking for my breastfeeding photos but the ones I had of Max, I threw away only a few months ago. How could I be so stupid? I always hid them in the back of the baby album anyway because I didn't want anyone to see them. They kept falling out and I thought I looked too ugly. Plus, they were my BOOBS .. offensive until proven sexual.

I tried to get my old computer fired up to see if I had any pics of breastfeeding Rocco, but it's broken and I never got around to uploading the thousands of photos onto a hard drive.

Then I cried.

So, I asked my friend Shae from Yay for Home if I could upload her breastfeeding photo onto my Edenland Facebook page and she said "go nuts" and I laughed at the reference of nuts because I am juvenile. If you would like to help me stick it to Facebook today and upload your own breastfeeding photos to my wall, PLEASE feel free. I can't, because I thought my own photos were shameful. Man I wish I had taken a camera of them.

I wonder how long until my Facebook account gets suspended.



How cool was the Fresh Horses Brigade!? Thank you, to everyone who took part. I was so amazed and learned that: People are passionate about handwriting, mine is officially the messiest, and you are all so organised with your to-do lists - so THAT'S the trick to life! Now let's all buy our children truckloads of diaries to write in. FISTPUMP.

I leave you with a self-portrait of the artist as a young man, in his Lightning McQueen shoes.


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  1. Aren't kids brilliantly clever. Love his artistic eye. Don't have any breast feeding photos to contribute unfortunately, but I'll have a rant on my FB page. And I really wanted to contribute to Fresh Horses Brigade but just haven't gotten around to photographing/scanning it...can I borrow Rocco perhaps?


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