Friday, 6 January 2012

Guess who's back?

                     Straight from a bacchanalia festival!

We ate cake and candy canes. My hugs were shrugged off but I kept giving them anyway, then we all went for a drive to get chocolate.

Straight after that photo was taken, a huge punch-up occurred after Max pushed Rocco off the couch and Rocco came back swinging. I shouted and sent them both to their bedrooms. There's six years difference between them, I never actually EXPECTED the fighting. It's the one thing above all that just gets under my skin, so I'm always going in with my whistle calling time-outs, trying to work out who done wrong by who. When they are teenagers I'll be calmly sipping tea and handing them boxing gloves, telling them to take it outside.

Rocco was all ... are you mum or are you Eden? Max was all ... I'm bored, when can I have a sleepover?

And I was all ... my babies that grew in my tummy! *smother*

This morning, Rocco asked to please put Neminem on. I want chicka chicka Slam Shady. So I put it on and he went back into his bedroom, comes out ..  I want Not Efren. He rocks out to that for a while .. comes back.

"And now, I want Sorry Mama."

He is three years old. I don't know whether to be appalled or proud of my mad parenting skillz.


So - my last post. Doozy! I'm slowly replying to everyone who commented .. thank you. I realised from your words that most of the time, the biggest haters live in our own heads. Fuck that.


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  1. Beautiful boys. Wild and sweet. I am mum to one little lad - they take your breath away don't they, with their funny thoughts and independent streak, but so much love and need for a cuddle under that rough n' tumble exterior. Glad they back home with their mumma :)


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