Monday, 12 December 2011

Why this two minutes and fifty-three seconds symbolises everything that's right in the world.

Michael Buble Heckled By Mom - Watch MoreFunny Videos

I love how the mum has clearly had a few wines before she walks up to the stage and asks one of the best singers in the world to please let her son sing. Why? Because she *knows* her son can sing.

I love how Michael Buble humours her at first, and listens. You can see his mind ticking over, flitting between annoyance and then resignation .. and he generously asks the 15-year old boy name Sam to get up onstage and sing with him. He didn't have to do that. He makes Sam feel at ease as the opening part of "Feeling Good" plays.

One of the best parts is just after Michael Buble sings the opening lines, and he relinquishes the mike over to this complete stranger. He's almost cringing, has no idea what this guy will sound like. But he gave him a chance anyway. That's called having blind faith .. in something you're not sure is going to work, but you do it anyway.

Have you watched the video yet? Did you see the few seconds it took for Michael to realise that Sam does indeed have an amazing voice? When Michael pulls away and jumps up and is so excited in his utter glee. That's called "Mudita."

Mudita in Buddhism is vicarious joy .. "the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people's well-being rather than begrudging it." World needs a lot more of that going on, don't you think?

I love how this video was completely unstaged and unscripted. It really happened, like a really real thing. That seems to be getting more rare in this homogenised, careful constructed world nowadays. Sam ended up on talk shows over in England, saying how mortified he was when his mother first went up. But he concedes that she could totally be his manager one day.

It was filmed more than a year ago. I've watched it so many times, and can't contain my heart at Michael Buble not being able to contain his heart. What a beautiful guy.

And that young Sam would be 16 now. He's just a good haircut and a decent shirt away from getting a whole lotta tail.




  1. I love you! and I love how Buble had the blind faith that most of us don't seem to have these days.

    I do hope Sam is getting a lot of strange.

  2. Holly shitballs indeed. Michael Buble is shining in a whole new light for me right now. I might even be able to forgive his butchering of 'Driving Home For Christmas'. x

  3. That was amazing. The look on Micheal's face - pure excitement! Love his X factor comment at the end - he's so funny.

  4. I LOVE this video, Eden ... and yes, I'm a big believer in there being more Mudita in this world. Just never had the name for it. The more you delight in other's success, joy, happiness; the more it fills up your own tank. xx

  5. am totally feeling the MUDITA!

  6. I had not bothered to click the links on facebook ... but now ... Holy Shit Balls! Love it.

    Tears in my eyes. Joy in my heart.
    Holy shitballs is right!

  8. goosebumps! love the reaction! thanks for sharing.

  9. i *love* this video, it's just amazing and it shows if you stop and take time for others just once in awhile you may just be rewarded by taking that leaps of faith!

    on another note, you may have just helped me come up with a name for my new blog, so thank you!


  10. pure brilliance. I was shaking for him.


  11. Real joy for others, with no gain to yourself, is what makes the world go round. Mudita- what a beautiful word.

  12. I've watched this a few times now and I still can't watch without grinning like a loon.

  13. How cool is this clip! The pure, unadulterated joy on the Bubes face is just magical! I have never really been a fan, but he has just gone waaayyy up in my estimation. Thanks for sharing - just off to send this to my mum who is a huge Buble fan and if she hasn't seen this yet, she will have kittens when she does :o)

  14. I didn't sleep last night. Sick as a dog thanks to all the folks in the ER who don't cover their mouths and cough in my face [I'm a nurse] Miserable. And pissy.
    And then I saw this.
    Thanks for bringing me back off the ledge. Does mudita come in a box and which pharmacy carries it?

  15. I have no idea why (maybe mudita), but I had a huge smile watching that. I wish people would do a follow up on all these random viral videos and tell us what they're doing now a year later.

  16. The biggest gift to ourselves and the world is cultivating the ability to feel joy at other's success -- it takes a belief in the goodness of the world -- at abundance rather than scarcity --

    and I love Buble. How awesome is that?

    Holy shitballs indeed.



  17. Mudita - I love that. Love love love.

  18. I love this video, and I'm totally naming my next dog or cat 'Mudita' :) I'd name my next child Mudita, but I don't have the balls.

  19. Well thats one way to make me cry at 8:04am on a random Tuesday morning. Amazing. Thank-you for sharing.

  20. I LOVE random explosions of joy, they're the best. How beautiful was that moment? Captured for all of us to share - thankyou!! xx

  21. i've never seen that, and it was awesome.

  22. Thanks, Eden.
    AND what a gutsy believing mother? What a woman! She was so right.. Sam does has a fab voice and a nice shy manner.

    And am sure gonna use the word 'mudita' regularly till my friends have 'got it'. You have plenty of mudita Eden from what I've read in your blog. A beautiful, sensitive, compassionate woman.

  23. I had no idea Michael Buble was such a foul-mouthed individual. My respect level has just upped a few notches! That was a pretty amazing video...

  24. Can't say I was much of a Buble fan.... until now. I think I felt a bit that way when I got sent a link to your blog. I thought I had nothing to lose, what's one more blog to read, so I clicked over.
    And shitballs am I glad I did.


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