Sunday, 25 December 2011

White Wine in the Sun

4.03pm. It's a fair to middling Christmas Day, complete with prawns and sunshine and laughter. Everybody is concerned about my drinking except me .. sparkling mineral water and lime all the way. I'm completely fine .. clinked my glass and announced to the full room: "Just letting everyone know that I am completely fine, repeat, I am fine. There is no need to ask me how I am anymore."  They all cheered. 

Why would I not be ok? I'm ok as I ever was. I'm as fine as I ever was. I'm as fucked as I ever was. I'm exactly the same as everybody else.

I wrote a trivia quiz with seven different categories and fifteen different questions on each one. Funny, dreadful questions that will make my sisters shriek with laughter .. I know for a fact my stepfather will pick the Sports questions, only to find ones about the wives and gossip of famous sportsmen. He will laugh and I'll say Jim come on .. you *know* I hate sports.

Family of origin, although tricky .. remind you of who you are. It's a comforting relief. All of the women in my family have a deep, generational strength. The Taylor clan. We came to Australia as convicts. We get through anything.

My two boys are laughing and eating lollies, shrieking and jumping in the pool with all of their cousins. I've said yes to everything they have asked for today, and probably will again tomorrow. And the day after that.

Quite looking forward to Boxing Day though. Hope you out there are as ok as everybody else too.



  1. Eden,
    Merry Christmas to you & yours. It's 1:30 am in New Jersey. (USA) Going to call it a night. My son will be up early to see what Santa brought.
    Just had to tell you - I LOVE the Pogues- Fairytale of NY. It's my FAVORITE Christmas song. LOL. When I play it, my husband rolls his eyes and shakes his head.
    Merry Christmas-
    Erin in NJ

  2. Merry Christmas my Sweet.

    I like that. I, too, am the same as everybody ok, fine and f$#kd as I ever was. That somehow makes me feel somehow relieved & okay.

    PS - sorry I can't spell out the F word. I don't say it either. Except when I'm really really mad. Then I feel very naughty but powerful. That in itself is very f$#ked, heh?! But it's effective. Friends & family crap themselves if I do say it and it becomes awfully effective at making my point. Just something I like to keep up my sleeve for a rainy day ;-)


Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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