Thursday, 29 December 2011

Behind the scenes of the new Edenland blog header.

There was way too much change when I was a kid, so I tend to keep using something until it breaks or dies. I've had the same blog header for over three years now .. knew it needed a revamp about two years ago. I thought about it, and decided to just do something small.

So I hired some graffiti artists to come to my house and spray my office wall. Then I organised a photographer to come over and take some shots of me IN my new blog header. Then I got Australia's best blog designers to tweak and perfect it all. I also now have a new commenting system so I can reply back to you personally.

I've sucked at most things in my life but GODDAMN I love my blog.

Too much?

The artists are Andrew and Levi. Their work is featured in the new book "Zero Tolerance: Street Artists of the Blue Mountains" which you can see HERE

The guys are available for work and commissioned pieces .. even canvases shipped to overseas.

One day last year I was standing in my local post office and told the guy behind the counter I had a blog. And felt like an IDIOT .. I don't usually tell people. Suddenly this voice pipes up behind me .. "What's your blog? I have one too." The voice belonged to Mary Canning and we exchanged heavy life histories before we got out of the shop.

By the time we walked down the street, we knew everything about each other and were friends for life. Her blog is Shines Like a Postcard and her photography website is Mary Canning. Not only is she a hugely talented photographer, Mary is a precious Soul with an inquisitive nature and giving heart. When I retreat into myself and don't return her phonecalls she knows it's because I have to shut down to keep going. Because I am a really fucked-up person. Thank God she doesn't take it personally.

                               Mary I adore you

For years I've tried to find decent designers in Sydney who know their way around a blog. Finally, there is Jarod and Liz Productions 

They are married AND awesome. They are patient and clever ... Jarod even photoshopped my stupid lipstick out. Liz blogs at Lizosaurus and loves dinosaurs and cats. Once she said the c-word on her blog. I haven't even said the c-word on my blog.

They both tried so hard to get me to move to Wordpress, but I just wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. I tell myself I'm staying on Blogger because I'm being ironic and making a statement about the nature of success, but really I'm just too terrified. Ree told me to stay on it too. "Just keep doin' what you're doin', honey." It also helps that my esteemed business associate Mrs Woog and I have the phone numbers of some pretty hot Google executives, for whenever we hit a bloggy snag.

Now what the hell did I do all of this for? All of this time and money and energy? I have absolutely no idea. But man it felt good. Fuck reasons.

I'd blog for free every day for the rest of my life. I don't do it for stats or business or money, I do it for something much more valuable than that ... something indefinable. One day I might even work out what that is.

                     Goodbye, old cartoon header. You served me well!

There were a lot of shots to choose from.

                         Pre-photoshopped lipstick

This one won. My sister said it's like I have a secret. And I do .. I have a fucking million secrets. My tagline is still the same, because I keep trying to outrun it. I don't like any photo of me anywhere, ever. I look too me-ey. But man I love my wall blog header. I walk into my office now and POW. It's Edenland, right there. I created it .. or it created me. Jury's out having a smoke and watching porn on that one.

Anyway, that's enough of my new blog header. What do YOU think about my new blog header? Or blogs in general? Or secrets? Or porn? I can totally answer you in the comments now.

Think I'm growing up. Shit just got real.




  1. I just love it!

    Thanks for sharing your blog.


  2. It's amazing. You're amazing. I love that you have gone and done this on such an snormous scale. Fucking brilliant!

  3. Of course I meant enormous not snormous. Snormous? WTF iPhone?

  4. I don't swear at all online generally, but that is deadset fucking awesome.

    Like you, really.

  5. Hawt damn! I love it! And you too :)

  6. Love it, love it, love it!! Totally awesome!

    Wish I could answer back to each comment individually (I don't have that many lol) but no idea about how to do that stuff on Blogger.

    I'm scared to leave Blogger too but it makes me feel better when awesome bloggers like yourself don't jump ship either :)

  7. Love it! Makes me want to paint my wall too...

  8. Awesome. Fucking awesome. Now you made me swear. Fuck. But it is really awesome.

  9. How fantastic to have this great you EVERYTIME you walk into your office. Let it be a reminder to you that:

    A) you blog, therefore, you are.
    B) just keep running, those shadows may always be there, but so fucking what?
    C) we are here, we are reading, we absolutely adore you.

    You know it.


    Gabbie xxx

  10. That is seriously inspired, Eden.

    I would never leave that room again.

  11. Hats off to Andrew & Levi. Awesome work. How freaking cool is your wall? It feels magical & powerful. Every time you see it, I imagine it should be a reminder of how far you've come, and of this inspiring blog that you have created.

    Ps - you are not fucked up and your hair is great just the way it is!

  12. I love that it is so real. That you are so real.

  13. Love it. I quite like porn, too.

  14. It is wonderful! It is amazing! It is very 'you' x

  15. I love that header. Awesome.


Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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