Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Why I am taking my ten year old son to the Eminem concert this weekend.

Back in 2002, Max was a baby with a mother who adored Eminem. I'd blast it from my old school ghetto blaster, because my car was so crap it didn't even have a stereo. Em was getting caned in the press and on the news and I could not love his balls more. I bought all of his albums and cassingles ... one which he sang with another distinctive rapper I didn't recognize at the time ... Jay-Z.

"Never been afraid to say what's on my mind at
any given time or day coz I'm a
Never been afraid to talk about anything.

Eminem may have matured and evolved ... but man does he still have that raw hunk of talent. Unbelievable. No wonder the black guys all hated him when he was a punk teen. He just waltzed into battles and blew them off the stage with his razor sharp wit and words. He said shit you're not supposed to. He told his truth and it was ugly and mean and horrible. And fucking beautiful.

He and I have a lot in common - lots of schools, getting bullied, failing at everything except English, no dad ... then years later, with specific demons to slay.

My first born son turns ten on Friday. He is so together and level-headed .. that's his nature, nothing to do with me. He loves Eminem - that has everything to do with me. He'll open his presents on Friday and there will be tickets for the show on Sunday night. You know what this means?

It means in ten years from now, when he's sitting around shooting the shit with his pals and they all ask each other the first concert they ever went to, Max can answer Eminem in 2011 for his tenth birthday. I'm proud of that. His mind and heart will be blown wide open because that's just what happens with amazing artists during stadium shows.

I don't mind Max hearing cussing, he knows he's not allowed to do it and he doesn't. I don't mind him hearing certain lyrics to certain songs ... frankly, I'm more offended by the shit that passes as music these days anyway. Ever broke down the lyrics to the latest pop tunes on your FM dial? You'd be shocked.

My biggest concern for him is that he'll want to leave the concert early - which will never happen. Mummy will be there with her age spot and hoodie until the last lighter is held in the sky, sweetheart. WORD UP.

Eminem is a saint, a sinner, a poet, a peddler, an actor, a shaman. A gifted magician. If he had a business card he'd have wordsmith on it too.

The deciding factor in taking Max on Sunday was the fact that Marshall is not afraid to tell his truth, however ugly. And I believe that is something to look up to.

No legacy is so rich as honesty - William Shakespeare, yo.



  1. I'm jealous of you, Max AND Eminem. That show is going to be fucking epic.

  2. Had totally forgotten there was ever something called a cassingle!

  3. That is a pretty cool first concert!! Happy birthday Max :)
    I want you to write on my new fan blog - will send you an email xx

  4. Good at being a bad mother?
    Nah totally kidding!
    I'd do the same thing.
    Actually I was surprised Mr Black haddn't mentioned wanting to go to his concert. He has some man-crush boner or something for Eminem.
    Something or other about how his lyrics are Mr Blacks life anthem.

    I honestly love that you are taking Max. What a fantastic experience, for both him and you. Irresponsible would be sending him on his own with a bottle of whiskey, there is nothing irresponsible about what you're doing.

    So has Dave given you a free pass for when Eminem gives you that call and hangs out with you for the night?
    Tell him if you have Eminem's love child it means you'll get a kick arse child support payment. Lol.

  5. You are the coolest mum ever, and I couldn't agree with you more.. I have often thought if I married Mr Mathers, we could be eminemandem, like Tom cat and branjalina.

    I think half of the crappy stuff in life could be eliminated if we all just spoke our truth a bit more, what a great lesson to teach x

  6. I did a piece on Shakespeare recently. hope you check me out :-)

    Tork's Blog

    - tork

  7. My dad took me to the Hoodoo Gurus at the Horden when I was ten. I will never forget it or where we parked or what we ate or what I wore. (army pants, fluro belt and a lace t) Heavenly memories. I am glad you get to do this with Max. A few weeks later my Mum took me to see Cats. Meh.....

  8. My first ever concert was Grinspoon, which is as awesome to me as Eminem is to you, and will be to Max.

    Best. Mum. Ever.


  9. Awesomest birthday present!

    We are off to Eminem on Sunday too! No children tho..pfft! I'm not sharing him ;)

  10. Lucky lucky Max.

    I am still a huge fan of Eminem. Huge.

  11. You are da Mummy-bloggin' renegade!

  12. That is so awesome, I hope he has a great time!

    I took my cousin to see Savage Garden when he was about 7, just after my aunt died. He was a massive fan of both Ween and Savage Garden (does not compute!!). Darren Hayes was a massive cockhead to him when he asked for his autograph in the carpark.... in Geelong... with 4 other pre-teens around. He got his autograph in the end and we went home happy.

    Now he's 24 and a talented musician and always tells people it was me that started his love of music. Aww.

    Music means the world to me. Passing it on to others is just so awesome. I hope Max has an amazing time!

  13. I may be too beige to take my kid anywhere cool like that. Ahem. Beige.

  14. My ten year old first saw Muse when he was 7 - I think or maybe John Butler Trio. He's also seen Xavier Rudd and Muse this year, and last year Angus and Julia Stone. Cheers to good music education for our kids :)

  15. Best mothering move. He'll remember it forever. My parents took me to Skyhooks for my 9th birthday. It was in our local town hall and we got to meet them when they came out the back. If you can meet Bono - you can so pull this one off xx

  16. Awesome. Can't wait to see un-cropped photos of the both of you! Or all THREE of you, 'cause you're special like that. :)

  17. Hope you have a great time. They don't do the lighter thing anymore though. You can however download a flashlight app that works marvelously.

  18. That is a cool memory to give your kid. Never afraid to talk about anything is a pretty awesome way to raise your kids if you ask me

    and ROCCO melts my heart everytime he appears, beautiful

    Enjoy xox

  19. Why?

    Try WHY NOT?

    My and Mr 16 listen to eminem together.

    Swear words are just words.

    It's the FIGHT that that man teaches.


  20. You got it right...

    "I'm a good mother..and a bad mutha'."

  21. Formal Public Request for hit-the-floor at first eminem song at BlogHer 12.

  22. Dude, that's awesome, Max is going to be talking about it for a LONG time.
    Certainly shits all over Johnny Diesel & the Injectors out the back of the Yoogali Club in Griffith, in the rain, when I was 12!
    Wish I could take my girls to see old school Janes Addiction as their first concert.

  23. Poetic, as always... Eden you will rock that house and then some! If Marshall knows whats good for him you will get that call x

  24. You are the ultimate cool mum! All sins will be forgiven after this. For her tenth birthday, I gave my daughter a puppy that pooped on my bed. Sigh... If only I was cooler. ;)

  25. You will have the best time and Max will remember it forever!

    I thought of going but having a newish baby, yada yada yada. Love Marshall Mathers

    This reminded me of when Lil was a newborn, I was in the car saying goodbye to some people from mother's group. I turned on the engine and The White Stripes came BLARING out of the stereo. They looked at me like I was poison.

    My mum used to tell me that everyone in her town though her mum was terrible cause she let her 15 year old listen to Elvis. Shameful!

    Can't wait to hear about it. xx

  26. I love this! I love Eminem. I think I'm one of the only moms in this lame brain town that listens to it with her kid. I'm not a censoring type of gal, never have been. I'm totally jealous that you guys are seeing him in concert!!!

  27. This post has inspired me in all sorts of totally random ways. I love that you are taking Max to see Eminem. Love it. The thing that stands out to me the most in your post and your vlog is the fact you are proud of Max, the fact you let him know he is awesome that's what makes you an awesome mum, no matter what concerts you take him to. And, for what it's worth it would be the 'wrong' choice if it were something completely daggy you were taking him to not because it was something he loved but something that's perceived to be the 'right' thing iykwim? Enjoy! Tatum xx

  28. At the risk of showing my age and shocking musical heritage: my dad went with me to see Duran Duran at the Horden when I was 14. He kept telling me to move outta the way cause he couldn't see whenever I danced his way!

    My mum, on the other hand, would blare Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdink (love the name!), Neil Diamond and Boney M as we did the housework on a Saturday morning.

    Best childhood memories are made of this. Enjoy!

    Gab x

  29. Lucky boy. He will so impress everyone when he is on Rockwiz one day telling Julia Z what his first concert was and that his MUM took him.

  30. I rate this awesome out of awesome. My first concert was Michael-fucking-Bolton and my mum even made me stand out the back of the Entertainment Centre with her. I die!

    Word to the wise though, the kids these days don't use lighters....they hold up their mobile phones instead....TRAGIC.

  31. Brilliant, I think it will be magic.

    My first concerts at 12 were David Bowie and Eric Clapton. They are still imprinted on my brain and later Chilli Peppers of my own choice. I Just shouldn't mention Uncanny X men..... but I just did!

  32. Gorgeous kids! Happy bday Max. What a great gift.

    I'm not the biggest Em fan, but even I can appreciate the smarts in his words. If it makes you feel better, my son's first concert was with his uncle to three of America's biggest heavy metal bands. I dispise Shadows Fall and whatever else they're called, but I love him enough to be open to his own choices.

    He conveniently forgets his first ever concert was as a 4 year old with me & his 2 yo sister to see the Wiggles. But I'm happy to let him keep his 'street credit' and ignore it too!

    Ps...kid went on to rock out as star drummer in his own band in front of a 1300-strong crowd at a major radio gig in Canberra as a 16 yo. I'm sure that's because I said yes to the it deal concert a few years before. Good for you for sharing max's dreams with him. xx

  33. He certainly is an amazing talent. I remember seeing Eight Mile (which is one of my fav movies) and being blown away by his raw talent and honesty.
    His music is completely him. Talented, raw and honest. Amazing.
    Have a fantastic time guys x

  34. You.Are.Awesome.

    And please adopt me! Lol.

    I hope Max has a wonderful birthday. I imagine he is going to be talking about this concert (and the awesomenss of his mother) for many, many years to come. :-)

  35. I took my 10 year old to see Linkin Park recently. He listens to their music all the time(he knows their lyrics back to front), he learns their music on guitar, they are without a doubt his music idols. We also toyed with the idea of taking him to see them live at first due to the language bujust as you said, my son won't ever repeat the foul language and he knows it is art, it is music. So, we took him. And it was just beautiful, he sat like this :o for half of the first song and then sang his little heart out for the rest! Awesome, you have to do it.

    ps...you are too fabulous. Make more vlogs please.


    Love, stalker Peg xo

  36. *but just as you said. Twitching affects my typing.

  37. Um... you should really do more rap vlogs Eden!
    Fo sho!
    And true that, you have never been afraid to write about anything, anything. Word!

  38. Bad parenting decision? I think taking your kid to Disney is far more damaging (my opinion totally) than an Eminem concert. I am from "the D" -- his hometown, his base for inspiration -- and not really a big fan but I will say "8 Mile" was a great movie and I totally found new respect for him. (BTW my dad took me to "Rocky Horror PIcture Show" when I was 12.)

  39. I think Eminem is one of the best poets of our time.

    I listen to "Lose Yourself" a lot, and find what I need.

    Love you.

  40. Also, I am dying laughing at your plans to party with Eminem. I'd love to see Eminem at a meeting. I bet his stories would help.

  41. Love me some Eminem, he is a genious!! A bit less gangsta these days, but he is always gonna be bad ass. Enjoy the concert, it is going to be memorable I am sure :) Max is one lucky little fella! xoxo Lisa

  42. Good Mother decision. Excellent birthday gift.
    Great first concert.
    We took our kids to their first concert last year. Gorillaz. At (then) 9 and 11 they have grown up with Gorillaz music in our house. One of the best concerts I've been to because I could see my boy moving and yelling out the words, mother love never felt so good.
    Happy birthday to your boy, and have an amazing time.

  43. Point 1: A higher class of addicts...I'm sorry to say that I actually know what you mean there. And it totally cracks me up.

    Point 2: I've noticed that you hardly ever put your credits at the end. This is confusing to me. ;)

    Point 3: My 5 year old knows quite a bit of Eminem. Fortunately for all of us, she usually makes up her own lyrics for the words she doesn't recognize.

  44. I'm all levels of jeally, have a great time! I wish I was as cool a mum as you.

  45. I'm taking Boo with you in 7 years time, ok?
    Have an awesome time. Happy Birthday Max.

    And how beautiful is Rocco?? My gosh makes my heart melt.

  46. He's a poetic genius. I'm never going to get over living in Hong Kong when he finally comes to Australia, NEVER! Have even tallied up my family's frequent flyer points to see if I can get back but...nah...SPEWING. The closest I got was seeing D12 in Melbourne years ago (minus Em). We got kicked out when my brother started a brawl of such wide-ranging crowd participation it actually stopped the gig - now that's gangsta ;) Ah happy memories. ENJOY.

  47. went to E last night - probably up there with top 3 concerts of my life - only advice...make sure you leave early to get there in time - we live in Katoomba and left at 4.30 - drove, and made it for 10 minutes of little wayne... before Eminem came on. Have a great time with your son.


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