Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Am I even allowed to do product reviews like this?

This is what's left of my L'Oreal "Refined Ruby" lipstick after Rocco got bored in the car while mummy was getting talked off the ledge by a helpful stranger after a meeting. Please note, Rocco has also destroyed my cute-a-button purse I bought from Anthropologie. Does anyone know how to get lipstick stains out of material? I love that purse. And man I miss that lipstick.

I was sent this Clairol hair dye. I miss having rich red hair - man I used to be hot. A stylist hired by P&G recommended this brand specifically to me. I've never dyed my hair myself before, and am terrified. But I can't afford a professional dye job at the moment because bloggers get paid in product so I will use it. My greys are coming out again. Is it hard to dye your own hair?

My husband and I are having a Mexican standoff with this amazing new Oral-B Braun Triumph toothbrush. It's an amazing piece of machinery ... so I've heard. I haven't used it. I kind of gave it to Dave as a sweetener for spending the day in Sydney a few weeks ago, and now the true ownership of the brush is up in the air. We can both use it, as it came complete with four different brushes. Technically, the entire family could use this toothbrush. Dave used it once and just kind of ... abandoned it there. So sad.

(Harriet from Oral-B, I'm so sorry I haven't returned your email. As soon as I use this baby I will let you know how it goes.)

(Please note the ridiculous glass-brick in our bathroom. Dave picked it. Reminds me of the reception area of Jetset Travel in North Sydney circa 1990.)

Lastly, here is a video of me doing a Pantene Swish.

There's a few reasons why I don't like this video.
1) My eyes look weird.
2) My hair used to be long and now it's short. I am never satisfied.
3) My eyes seriously look weird - like, Gilbert Grape's brother.

Right at the end of my shoot, the camera guy told me I did really well. I said thank you ... I could have been a model but I went to rehab instead. All the film crew laughed because they thought I was joking.

You can upload your own Swissh to HERE and win $10,000. Personally, I think this guy's got it in the BAG.

So. Why do bloggers talk about products on their blogs? What's in it for us? Why do PRs court bloggers? And why would a certain purple drink sponsor two Australian women bloggers to fly halfway across the world?

Next Wednesday the 30th November, I'll be talking in Sydney at Naked Communications #nudiversity with Mrs Woog. You can email Lorraine Murphy from Naked for more info. It's a free event. We'll be answering questions and having some laughs. I'll be laughing and pretending I know the answers to the questions. Because after almost five years of this, I still feel like the biggest rookie in town.



  1. That swish is outstanding. I had to watch it twice!
    Wish I could be a student at Nudiversity.

  2. Tell you what Eden, I'd kill for an electric toothbrush like that! I LOVE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSHES. I floss twice a day. I have every brand of mouthwash known to man. I keep dental floss in my handbag!

    BUT. My Oral-B electric toothbrush is a couple of years old, and I want the tricky kind! with beeps and all the bells and whistles!!

    seriously! you've gotta let loose with the electricity! you'll never, ever go back to a stone-age toothbrush again!

    so so jealous of your toothbrush! -downcast-

  3. Can babies come? I'll have Aidan

  4. .. and I had to come back to add ... how SAD AM I that all I can think about is your awesome electric toothbrush when there is hair product involved?
    nah. it's all about the choppers. My hair can stand up on end (and frequently does) I don't care! :D

  5. Dying your hair yourself with this is soooooooooooooo easy. I love it! I've been dying my hair by myself for so long now that I couldn't imagine actually paying someone to do it.

    The foam application is great, and heaps easier then the old way.

    look forward to seeing that rich red auburn hair Eden. x

  6. You can easily dye your own hair. Very simple! Lipstick is an oil based stain - so whatever you use to get oil out will work. Dawn Detergent, Club Soda, Make up removers, etc. Good Luck at the Nudiversity ! Enjoy

  7. Wish I could come and support you and Woogsy but pre-school ends at 3pm. Bugger. Good luck!

  8. Haha, that video is hilarious! You're out of control. Love it.

  9. Cannot wait to hear my two favourite uber bloggers speak!

    As for DIY hair colouring? Do it myself every month - and if I can master it ANYONE CAN!

  10. So sad that I'm stuck here in rural Vic and I miss out on all the good stuff. I wonder if we could do a bloggy thing in the thriving metropolis of Sunraysia? Surely we could all fit on a houseboat? ;)

  11. Orange oil gets lipstick off the wall but I have no idea about purses and I'm GREEN with envy that you have something from Anthropologie.

  12. dying your own hair is EASY, dying it with THAT particular product = piece of piss!

    i have taken to dying my own hair in order to cut down on my hairdresser visits, it's jet black, so easy enough to do. several home hair dye jobs have left my hair like straw but with Clairol nice'n easy foam, not only was it MUCH easier because it was foam but it left my hair SILKY smooth!!

    highly recommend.


  13. alternatively you get your daughter to do product reviews so you retain your credibility.

    I just laughed so hard I cracked a rib.


  14. also, get your people to fly me up there and I will be all Sharon Stone while you are up on stage.

    Wearing a merkin. Of course.

  15. It's about that private bloggers' jet ... we need it up and running by next Wednesday. #qantasluxury?

  16. Kelley, email me your address and I will come and piggyback you all the way to Nudiversity. But I will be nude.

    Eden, you are just as good as Rachel Hunter in that Pantene ad. Xx

  17. I dye my own hair all the time. It's thick and it's 1/4 of the way down my back, so I have to use two packs...so yes it is pretty simple. It's also much cheaper than going to the hairdresser. Last time I got an all over dye and a cut it cost me $280 :O
    You've reminded me that I need to dye mine again...the salt and pepper look isn't as 'distinguished' on a 23 year old.

  18. Do you have Goo Gone in Aus? Treat the lipstick with that, then use double scoop of detergent and hot water to wash. Assuming, of course, that the purse can go through the wash.

  19. For some reason, we fear the home hair color in our house. My husband wants to dye his (salt-and-pepper) hair, but we just can't seem to bring ourselves to do it.

    And the electric toothbrush is awesome - I don't have one of those; I have a Spinbrush. Regardless, my dental hygenist likes me again, since she doesn't have to spend hours picking tartar off my teeth!

    Your Swish video is awesome. However, it's so odd to hear it as Pan-ten. Here, we call it Pan-teen.

  20. That swish is totally professional - I hear the talent scouts a-knocking!
    That bloke's version is hilarious, thanks for that!

  21. USED to be hawt??

    Excuse me?

    Woman, I've been daydreaming of dancing with you at the next BlogHer all dang day..


  22. Oh man now I'm going to be dreaming of you swishing! Hmmm BlogHer? I might travel to a conference one day to meet you ;)

  23. Yes, it's a shame hair dye and toothbrushes can't be exchanged for a month's rent.

    There was nothing wrong with your eyes in that video, and the swish was very swishy....

    My hair doesn't swish.... Something to do with the length, I'm told...

  24. I'm too embarrassed to say it, but I will - I don't get it, is that you in the Pantene ad??


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