Sunday, 23 October 2011

Seven Highlights from the Problogger Training Day you simply CANNOT afford to miss out on reading. (Is *that* SEO?)

I probably should write a recap of the Problogger Training Day, but I've never been one for "shoulds." I felt incredibly self-conscious the whole time I was away. Usually I can swing it, and am ballsy and talk to everyone, but this time I was so shy and kept looking at the ground when I walked through the sea of people.

The sea of people stayed for post-conference drinks. I was keenly aware of the rising crescendo in the room. The tension being let out, the edge being taken off. I asked for sparkling mineral water but they didn't have any so I drank orange juice out of a tall glass and felt stupid. I had to get out of there quick smart with nary a goodbye to anyone.

The day itself was great ... Darren has achieved so much. If I were his mum I would be proud of his beautiful heart, above all else.

                                     Darren, are we related?

Most sessions were informative, I always love meeting up with bloggers. We are a mixed bag of lollies. Some were posturing wankers who would look straight through you, but most are beautiful and friendly.

In one session, I felt like I was doing my blog all wrong. Who *is* the blog co-ordinator of the world, anyway?

Walking by myself out into Melbourne streets, my soul caught its breath. I looked for Bat Baby again.

                                        I love him and I don't know why.

Took a photo of this really cool ladies toilet. It would be a great image for a blog post on being a woman. There are blog post inspirations all the time, from things out there in the real world.

I found my hotel completely by accident, went inside and just sat there. Scratching my metaphorical balls.

Cool things I took away included:

1) Taking a photo of my water bottle penis getting hard for Shae's pink Cons.

2) Listening to Mrs Woog on her panel. The woman cannot pretend, which is why so many people love her. She called SEO "SAO's." She brings a beautiful sense of irreverance and fun to the Aussie blogosphere. Her secret to success is not wondering what her secret to success is.

3) Meeting the team from L'Oreal Australia with Nikki on Thursday. They are all so glamorous and beautiful. I ate two macarons and two cupcakes, while they all ate nothing. At one point I said, "My GOD you are all SO BEAUTIFUL! With your cool jobs in your awesome building! I wish I was like you in my twenties. I was too .... busy."

4) Managed to strike up conversations with two amazing bloggers I didn't know before - Lady Smaggle and Rhi from Hummingbirds Song.

5) Valerie Khoo machine-gunned advice and inspiration towards me in under ten minutes, which she should probably invoice me for. She is the founder of Sydney Writers Centre. I first did a course with her five years ago, it was so nice to see a friendly face.

6) The Social Media for Social Good Panel with reps from World Vision. They are actively seeking to work with Australian bloggers. (Twitter is HERE.)

7) Seeing #OccupyMelbourne tent city for the first time on Thursday, by the time I got back there on Friday to talk to them all, they had been arrested by riot police and a huge wire fence had been erected. I asked a copper, "Did they go quietly?" And he ignored me because he was a prick.

                                  They did not go quietly at all.

It's midday and I'm still in my pyjamas. Dave will be home with the boys any minute, I need to get up and look productive. I miss them so. Who am I, without them? Last night I had the house to myself for the first time in years, and ended up eating pizza in bed and watching a series of short horror films on SBS. Felt sure I could hear my murderer hiccuping in the closet, but I was wrong!

I'm so often wrong, and it's such a relief.



  1. Love that Robert Frost quote, and bat baby!

  2. Why not confident this time? Why look at your shoes? You are a fantastic writer who totally deserves to be amongst other fantastic, and probably not so fantastic, writers.

  3. Did you see the dragon baby further up the street? Or was it a dinosaur baby? Either way it had a tail.

    Having the balls to hug you so Bono's (and your) awesomeness would rub off on me meant I had the confidence to meet anyone at that conference. For that I thank you x

  4. I missed the bat baby and the tent city. Sometimes I'm glad I live in my own little bubble.

    And other times, I'm glad I've managed to pop my head through, to gush all over you and others.

    I'm sorry you didn't feel comfortable there. I wonder why? You are cool and awesome and humble. Own it, girlfriend!

  5. you should have gone into those toilets. They are even awesomer inside.

    You ate macarons? Bitch.


  6. I'm thinking of stealing your Women's Toilets sign.

    If you see it up somewhere on my websites, just ignore it.

  7. Eden, Problogger was made all the better for having you there x

  8. I never go to any of these blogging events. Thanks for giving me a piggy back ride through the best bits.

  9. Don't ever change the way you do your blog. It's you.

    Waynes daughter just showed us the other day that Adele song 'rolling in the deep' and I am thinking.... I have heard this song somewhere before.....! Oh that's right Eden dancing on her couch.... So cool. when I listen to it, I only think of you Dancing. I love it. You have your own tune!

  10. SEOs - no friggin' idea.
    Hence the crapola blog.
    SAOs - now you're talking.
    Hence the expanding waistline.
    I sure hope my blog is SAO savvy.

    Nice Pump, man!!

  11. I ducked up to my room several times during the conference, just for some quiet. To calm the adrenalin pumping through my veins, to stop myself for gawking and gushing over idols... you were not alone in needing to be alone. We all need to 'process' and by golly gosh Darren gave us a hell of a lot to think about x

  12. There's just something about bat baby isn't there? When I first saw him I just wanted to stop and stare for 10 minutes.

  13. This is what scares me about the DP Con. I feel sure that I will get there and then not be able to leave my room. I simply don't know how to talk to people. At all. Let alone in abundance. And have to take so much freaking information in. My head will be spinning.
    So Valerie Khoo or Planning Queen seminar? What do you think I should do?

  14. World Vison were fantastic, were they not? Richenda is a superstar IMO.

    Great to see you again. xx

  15. If the SAOs have vegemite then I'm in.

    And in other news I just won the "Irrelevant comment of the year award". Yay me.

  16. I love you even more than Regretsy and Missy. And, that's saying a lot. I will be forever grateful to Liz and Danimezza for pushing my shy ass over to meet you! Sending you all my love from the orange trees and vineyards in North West Vic. Can't wait to catch up with you again one day! xx

  17. I had the pleasure of meeting Rhi too - so lovely and she lives in my old home town!

    I wish I had a chance to chat! Mrs Woog's SAO comment was one of my top 5 from the day.

  18. Mrs woog stole the panel up there! I couldn't stop laughing :) I enjoyed the conference but it's taken me 2 blog conferences before it to actually talk to people! so I think it's 3rd time lucky for me

    what I would do for a night at home minus the kids! really need to do that

    I would add a tub of ben & jerry's to the mix


  19. Eden, you are fabulous. Glad I got to see you again at the #pbevent. I missed the bat baby but I did get pictures of the baby with the tail (not sure if it's a dragon or devil or something). Mrs Woog's SAO comment cracked me up! xx

  20. Blogger must be angry with me about the switch to WP bc it always eats my brilliant comments...this one said something along the lines of "what the fuck is SEO" -- and "I miss you" -- and how you are the one I always think about when I have those perfectly normal days that to me seem dark and, well, dark ... but to anyone else it would seem perfectly fine -- stupid past bullshit haunting me.


    You are wonderful. Your writing is, your heart, your honesty. You.

    Hon, what's a blog?



  21. thank you for the Robert Frost quote. I was feeling shite and now I feel much better.

  22. I was there, & it was my first conference.

    I did, & didn't enjoy it.

    But you were fantastic.

    No we didn't talk, but if we had, I'd have told you how I used to read your blog to my patients during my nursing career.

    Keep doing what you do xx

  23. I can't believe you forgot about me finding Ambi.

    Move to melbs.

  24. So lovely to meet you Eden! When you find out who the blog-coordinator of the world is, do let me know :) x

  25. Likewise gorgeous.

    We have much more to discuss.


  26. I thought I was all blogged out for this year, but this one does sound like it was a cracker.

    Are you glad that you went?

  27. I wish I went up and spoke to you properly! I was too nervous. Next time...

  28. If I was the blog coordinator of the world you'd be my master. Wait, you are my master.

    Good job Eden, you write a killer story girl. xo

  29. That bathroom would freak me out! its like it's a cellar AND a dark alleyway all at the same time!!! the bat baby is cute tho

  30. Yay for WOOG bringing. it.home!!

  31. I don't even know what to say. You're under my skin <3

  32. I love this. Let me tell you, you're not doing it wrong. just quietly, this is just about right for me. You know, if there IS actually a right way to blog.

    GREAT wrap up. And you're shy! I LOVE that. No idea why. But I do.

  33. I loved meeting you finally in the flesh. Even though I was shy too and socially awkward the whole day (and fled the chaos of networking drinks as well!)


  34. I love you. You write how I often feel at these things ...and I'm jealous about the macarons too. And you're still skinny.

  35. You rock Eden. Your super talented and more people need to know about it :)


Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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