Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Once upon a time, there lived an Evil Stepmother.

What if, Cinderella missed all of her curfews and stayed out all night? What if she spent way too much time sending carrier pigeon messages out to her friends, bitching and moaning about how hard she had it? And how about Hansel ... little turd. So rude and sullen. What if he just kept doing the wrong thing and did not care? What if Rapunzel was an angry feisty minx who wanted to run away, hating everybody in her path? How about the time years ago, when Snow White's stepmother agreed entirely with Snow White's real mother?

What if ... look, I know it's hard to believe - but what if, all of the evil stepmothers worked SO HARD to try and make their families work? Rising above, time and time again. Going to therapy ... for her own issues, working on herself to be a better person. Making sure everyone felt comfortable and it all ran smoothly, yet in the end, she gets all the blame for everything anyway? She was the easy target, the one they could all comfortably point the finger at, as the reason for the breakup of their original family. No matter how nice she was or didn't engage or dug her fingernails deeply into her hands.

And after it all, after being exruciatingly aware of not showing her own children favouritism, of not arguing, not reprimanding or saying anything that might be perceived as nasty.

After all that she ends up with not even a name. Just a whole lot of disrespect and a really shitty label.




  1. Bahahaha! I always liked the reverse fairy tales best!

  2. Kate - there's reverse fairy tales?? Tell me more!

  3. Must be something we can do to stop the curse of step moms becoming evil!

  4. My stepmother is not evil. A little crazy and fond of wine but not evil. x

  5. Yay - thank you Nikki, for saying not all of them are evil. It must be tiring for them.


  6. Lostandforgotten - Completely agree!

  7. Sometimes I think the evil stepmother should have a spray and REALLY give them something to complain about.

  8. I've had one evil stepmother (who truly was bonkers) and one totally good-hearted and kind stepmother. It's a shame the evil ones give the good ones a bad rap.

  9. Eden, if you know you're rising to the occasion and are the bigger person then that's got to be enough for now.

    You're a good person Eden. It's not your fault if others can't see it.

    There are some things that you are allowed to put your hands up and say "it's not my fault".

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  10. I HATE it when my husbands' daughters say that is my 'step mother'. Why isn't there a better word. We are not all evil, but certainly get burdened with all connotations.
    Sometimes it sux being a Step Mother. :/

  11. My Mum is stepmother to my older brothers and sister. She was, apparently, "evil" in one of their eyes, but not to the others.

    Go figure...

    Evilness is maybe in the belief system of the beholder...?


  12. I'm ok with being called 'the evil step-mother'. I do object to being referred to as 'the bitch' or 'crack whore'. But only when it's on Facebook. Weekly.
    I think I first took offense when she reported me for credit card fraud [dismissed. because I didn't do it] although it could have been when she put alcohol in my contact solution or the frequent flattening of my tires.
    Yep. Color me done. She's 29. Time for her to grow up.

  13. I know some stepmothers. They're not evil. But they're not my stepmother, so my opinion is useless.

    But here's something to take your mind off of it: Fractured Fairy Tales

  14. I have been the evil step-mum for 18 years, fortunately, no matter how much people tried to portray me as this, it never really fit. There ain't no evil in you miss Eden. One day they will see this. They Just might not tell you though.

    Luckily, for me, I had 2 amazing stepdaughters.


  15. Step mothers aren't evil. Just MIL's.

  16. There's no evil where there's love -- and no one marries a man with children without having a huge dose of love-- believing it will be enough.

    At least that is what I've done -- and stepmothering with compassion continues to be the hardest thing I've ever done -- acquiescing to x, acknowledging the ever constant involvement in our lives is best for W, being one of a series of women (including my MIL) who are pulling on G -- poor guy, imagine THAT.

    In the end though -- it's not W's fault his parent's marriage didn't fly -- nor mine -- somewhere in the middle -- is the answer.

    God knows I have none.

    Couldn't help but think of Lou when I read this -- she's cheering you on, thinking of you -- as am I.

    Yours in stepmotherhood, (and so much else)


  17. Thought provoking question Eden. I can only imagine how hard the role must be sometimes. You know, hypothetically speaking x

  18. children are ungrateful as whole...add on your title of stepmother and you become the scape goat, easy to be hated. It's so cliche, ya know? This is where I should tell you that one day they'll look back and realize you were awesome. Hopefully they will...ungrateful lot.

  19. My step mother isn't evil, she's wicked ;)

    She rides a motorcycle and everything!

    Sometimes, people just don't get along, regardless of their relationship, I count myself pretty lucky on this count.

  20. Poor step mums get a bad rap in fairytale land. I guess back in the day there wouldn't have been that many of them... x

  21. I do think it is the bad few who spoil it for the rest. I'm not a step mum, but my ex did remarry & I adore her. Everyone was so concerned with this woman coming in and bonding with my kids, ooooh, isn't that awful, they'd say. But I'd reply how blessed and grateful I was to have a woman who opened her arms with so much love to my children. Who they could run to - literally in front of me - into her arms to be welcomed. Wouldn't it be horrible to know the alternative, that they feared her, that she treated them badly & they hated visiting their Dads new family. That was the road I chose to take that day at the fork in the road & every day I count my blessings for happy children & a happy relationship with my ex and his lovely wife.

  22. I'm thinking not too many blended families in fairy tale land live happily ever after.
    With all those 'evil' stepmothers and 'ugly' stepsisters, how could they?
    But, you know what Prince Bloody Charming was made up.
    Can't find that bastard anywhere.
    Maybe those evil and ugly steps are ficticous too?

  23. 'Technically' I am a step mother but all of my partners kids are older than me except for 1 who is one year younger than me but according to one of his daughters I am conspiring to steal their father for christmas so no one can see him....I must add that she is 26

  24. I love my stepmother, but it was a rough road... and she was a good one. We made it. You will too.

    My stepfather, on the other hand...

  25. You should read the original fairytales rather than the "prettified" ones that Disney uses.

  26. Try being a lesbian step want to talk about labels....and resisting evil... :)

  27. You've got beads, your Buddha, now we need to get you a mezzuzah. And you'll be covering all the bases.

  28. The arbitrary cruelty of it all. I don't call my stepmother my stepmother anymore, I call her my second mother. You'll get there.


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