Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Once upon a time, there lived an Evil Stepmother.

What if, Cinderella missed all of her curfews and stayed out all night? What if she spent way too much time sending carrier pigeon messages out to her friends, bitching and moaning about how hard she had it? And how about Hansel ... little turd. So rude and sullen. What if he just kept doing the wrong thing and did not care? What if Rapunzel was an angry feisty minx who wanted to run away, hating everybody in her path? How about the time years ago, when Snow White's stepmother agreed entirely with Snow White's real mother?

What if ... look, I know it's hard to believe - but what if, all of the evil stepmothers worked SO HARD to try and make their families work? Rising above, time and time again. Going to therapy ... for her own issues, working on herself to be a better person. Making sure everyone felt comfortable and it all ran smoothly, yet in the end, she gets all the blame for everything anyway? She was the easy target, the one they could all comfortably point the finger at, as the reason for the breakup of their original family. No matter how nice she was or didn't engage or dug her fingernails deeply into her hands.

And after it all, after being exruciatingly aware of not showing her own children favouritism, of not arguing, not reprimanding or saying anything that might be perceived as nasty.

After all that she ends up with not even a name. Just a whole lot of disrespect and a really shitty label.


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