Friday, 21 October 2011

Fleas and Bloggers

Every morning I take my coffee, walk out onto the backdeck, and do a daily Buddhist reading. A knot unties in my stomach when I read this .. think it's, like, Zen or something?

Nothing is as ever important as it seems. It only feels like it.


Yesterday I flew to Melbourne to attend the Problogger Training Day. I made Mrs Woog and St Murphy miss their flights. It was a fiasco, I was crying, accidentally parked at the international terminal instead of domestic.

Don't know if I will ever see my car again.

Then as we were waiting to board, we spotted our close personal friend Hamish McDonald talking on his phone, dressed in a smart blazer. Mrs Woog and I kind of photobombed into him ... he was the host of the George Negus Show the night Mrs Woog and I were on. (HERE)

We went up to him and he had no idea who we were - at first. I gazed at the back of his head during the flight.

And turned to St Murphy and told him that if the plane crashed, we would all die with Hamish ... and can you IMAGINE our blog stats?

St Murphy says he is never travelling with me again.

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