Sunday, 30 October 2011

A few good blogs, and the winner of my $2 LA Ink yellow plastic blessed rosary beads.

There are so many blogs out there. I get blown away with the people who come to mine, and write such amazing and interesting things. I'm in the process of changing over my commenting system, to individually reply to comments. I often can't respond to all of the comments and I feel terrible about it, can't WAIT to be able to do it here straight away.

Here's some of my faves today:

I've read SCHMUTZIE for years, and met her in the flesh twice. She's a thinker, a dreamer, a writer, a noticer. She runs Five Star Friday every .... Friday. It showcases the best blog posts from the net each week, which is an incredibly generous and bountiful thing for her to do.

LIZOSAURUS lives in Sydney with her husband Jarod. She loves dinosaurs and cats. She's so soft and shy and gorgeous - and a kickarse web designer. She posted HERE about the amazing makeover she recently got. She looks AMAZING. Happy birthday Liz!

Kit from BLOGGING DANGEROUSLY is a legend. She created #wineparty on twitter ... and even lets me join in, and I don't even drink wine! I met her at BlogHer this year. Her About Me page states: "I've spent my entire life listening to people ask me, "You didn't really say THAT, did you?" and having to answer, "Well, yes, I did." and watching them roll their eyes and walk away."

Allison Tait from LIFE IN A PINK FIBRO is an Aussie chick living near the beach ... I *suspect* she lives in a pink fibro. She's a writer ... a real proper one and everything. She also has a wicked sense of humour, she's very smart, and I sometimes have fun with her on twitter. And she's a night owl - us hardcore nightowls need to stick together.

(That's all for now, but I will be doing this again.)


It's Sunday morning, and instead of being at church I used Random Number Generator to choose the winner of my $2 yellow plastic rosary beads bought from LA Ink and *allegedly* blessed by my local Catholic priest. I forgot to take a photo of the winner's comment number, which was 13. So I went back to Random Number Generator and sat here for ten minutes trying to get number 13 back on the screen. It's Sunday and I should not be blogging at all. Rocco is jumping on my back, making a cubby with cushions. Saying, "Mum, my bloody hell cubby house keeps falling down."

Finally, the number 13 came back up again! Alison, please email me your postal address, you have won! I looked for your blog in your profile page, but I don't think you have one? I loved your comment:

"I love discussions about spirituality. The journeys are as unique as the person. I'm not finished seeking, but so far I feel strongly that God is Love and Truth and Light. And the word 'God' is just a name for the unexplainable."

A funny thing happened when I was trying to get 13 back up again ... I kept getting 31, over and over again. I thought, "Does God want commenter #31 to win? Should I fix my giveaway?" I decided not to, because that's probably bad karma. But how easy would it be to fix giveaways?! Number 31 is the honorary Aussie Heather Spohr ...  who lives in LA, and is an athiest. I'll be writing more about her next week .. in the meantime, Heather? God totally says hi!



  1. Oh my gosh! THANK YOU!
    I was having a shitty blogging weekend so I'm totally chuffed to find out there's someone in the future who still loves me.
    (PS I LOVE the word chuffed but have no farking idea what it means so if I've used it wrong I apologize! I hope it means FREAKING PSYCHED!)
    Love and long girl kisses,

  2. As Styling You would say, yellow is so now.

  3. Thank you lovely! Highlight of my birthday so far :) xox

    PS. Soft like a cat, yeah?

  4. When I grow up I want to be Al Tait and live in a pink fibro.

  5. I like those commenty things where you can reply to the comments other people left on the post (if youbknow what I mean!) BUT I have mixed feelings about people feeling like just cos I commented they have to reply. Is here anything worse than getting 27 emails clogging up your inbox saying "thanks for the comment. xxx". Well, maybe 27 comments saying "great post, follows back, xxx". Maybe that.


    PS - great line up of faves. Al is awesomeness itself.

  6. Oh wow! I'm so excited to win the beads! Thank you so much! I read a handful of blogs and yours is the one I love the most. Thanks for showing yourself - I'm convinced it brings comfort to many and hopefully to you too.

  7. You fun lady.

    Look at your, making so many people


  8. Damn! Now I have to fly ALL the way to LA just for some $2.00 plastic beads? :) But how will I get them blessed by Saint Eden? hmmm. Will have to figure that one out. Maybe next time. ps- I wonder if the yellow rosary beads at LA Ink are sold out? I will have to look into that... Lisa

  9. Hi Eden, I'm a first-time visitor to your blog. Just wanted to say I was amazed when I read Who Is Edenland - yours is a life lived that I can barely imagine, from my sheltered tigerparent-ish childhood and earlier life. Will definitely visit more often!


Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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