Monday, 17 October 2011

Corn handlebars and the colour blue.

On the weekend we rode to a cafe near the beach and I ordered eggs on toast. I received these instead:

                   I cannot ever get away from ballsacks.

Sniggering like Beavis I said - "Dave, Dave ... what do these look like to you?" He answered with "pigeon eggs." Which left me feeling sad - couldn't he see what I see? I took a photo, which annoyed him more. Then I realised I was a 39-year old woman taking a photo of her eggs in a cafe because they looked like testicles, and I thought, what is wrong with me?

But I uploaded the photo to twitter anyway, because I just KNEW twitter would be more appreciative. Isn't this what social media is for?


Thank you for your comments and love on the Ambi Pur post. After two hours of it going live, the lovely lady in charge of the actual real Ambi Pur campaign called me. She told me that the first time they watched it, they were all ... where is she going with this cat?? Then they watched it a few times and there were sniggers all around the office. I imagined an office full of professional, beautiful, glamorous PR people watching me on rollerskates, and kind of died a little. I assured her that while it was not conventional, every person who saw it would definitely notice Ambi Pur more in the cleaning product aisle in the supermarket. She agreed.

The boys and I were at the Beach Bong House on the weekend, and had a surprisingly good time. No fights or major meltdowns by anybody. Dave bought Rocco some special corn-eating tools.  Rocco shouts with glee: "CORN HANDLEBARS!"

Walked to a local restaurant and ate the best meal since that awesome pizza in New York last year. I impressed Dave by writing to him upside down, so he did it back to me and I laughed and took a photo and he kind of sighed.

Until I told him if he starts calling me Eben I will stab him.

I know he will start calling me Eben soon.

The food was so delicious, we ordered entrees, mains, desserts and coffee. This is what the boys looked like by the end.

                 Annoyed as hell.

This is what they looked like the next day when I bought them toys and lollies and took them to the park and the beach:

At the exact moment I took this photo, Rocco was happily doing a wee in his pants.

I love seeing quotes out there in the real world, like a message straight to my heart.

"Life only demands from you the strength you possess. Only one feat is possible ... not to run away." - Dag Hammar Skjolo

In my current incarnation, I'm trying not to run away. Feels like I'm rebuilding myself back up again, for the 3,479th time. When I was stretching on the beach yesterday, the horizon looked like this:

The sky was holding the water up. It's important to look at the world from different angles. Remember the teacher in Dead Poets Society, telling students to stand up on their desks so they could see the classroom from a different perspective?

All the different shades of blue were like a depression colour chart. I wondered which shade I was. Until I heard the boys laughing at me and I realised I was exactly where I needed to be ... at the beach on a warm day with my feet in the sand and my bum in the air.

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