Wednesday, 12 October 2011


A really cool thing is watching Rocco start loving the same movies that Max did at his age. On the weekend, I hired out the Incredibles and he LOVED it. He gets obsessed with putting discs into the player. "I DO IT MUMMY!" He swapped them around and put the second disc in.

I had forgotten all about Boundin', my favourite short film of all time.

"Now sometimes you're up, and sometimes you're down,
When you find that you're down well just - look around!
You still gotta body, good legs and fine feet.
Get your head in the right place and hey -
You're complete."

I love how the most philosophical things are often the simplest.

The sight of Rocco and Max watching it together laughing and unwittingly learning about resilience was worth every penny of the $3.39 it cost me on iTunes.

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