Friday, 14 October 2011

Blogger wins Cannes Lion.

A little-known fact about me is that I once held a promising advertising career in my hands. Of course, this was in my early twenties and I crushed that dream easily like a wet paper towel, but still.

I know stuff - what works and what doesn't. I watch TV, and often critique the latest ad campaign for things. I coulda been a contender, and even have a Diploma in Copywriting .. with a wax seal and everything. (From a really expensive and dodgy "college" in North Sydney in the early 90's.)

I read recently that the best and talented brains get snapped up by advertising agencies. Is it true? Not sure - but I do know, in this changing media and advertising landscape, that companies are branching out into the world of bloggers.

And most of them don't know how to do this.

A little-known fact about the blogging world is that it actually really does contain the best and talented brains. Bloggers are smart, funny, and intelligent. Searing and refreshing in their honesty. They get pitched a lot with crappy random press releases, asked to write about products for free.

Their blogs have been lovingly and painstakingly built from the ground up. Out of nothing. It's a little annoying to see big brands come along and try to get in on the action without offering much in return.

I don't know the answer to this dilemma, but I do know there are certain agencies out there leading the way. ... light years ahead of their competition. Places like Hausmann, Naked Communications, and Ogilvy (click on each for links) are all actively involved in getting to know bloggers, and working with them on campaigns for their stables of brands.

I was offered a free trip to Thailand courtesy of Ambi Pur. It really was stunning, exotic. We stayed at the stunning Scent Hotel and did really amazing things .. the best one being meeting Chandler Burr He is the NYT perfume critic and one of the best and most gorgeous people I have ever met in my life. We all took it in turns to interview him, and I was last. We talked about the power of scent - both on a person and in the home. He knows his stuff, man. At the end I pulled out my bottle of perfume and asked him if it was right for me? He laughed, smelt it, and said no WAY. I needed something much more hardcore.

I could write a perfectly acceptable gorgeous post about the trip, what we did/ate/wore. The good people in charge of Ambi Pur would love it.

Or I could do this.

My cameraman is only nine years old and I pay him in Mad Magazines, so please forgive the shakiness at the beginning. Need to keep my production costs down, because bloggers don't get paid much.

I did this for a lot of reasons ... but the biggest one? Hands down, the most fun I've had in a month.

Ambi Pur Execs, I hope once the shock wears off, you like it too.

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