Sunday, 11 September 2011


I wasn't going to post about this. There's already so many words out there. Until Max walked past the TV today and stopped in his tracks when he saw footage of the towers coming down.


I was surprised that he knew it was real, straight away. I remember seeing the footage for the very first time live on TV, wondering why on earth had they put Die Hard on the Morning Show? Max was in my belly back then. I patted him all day, frozen to the couch.

In a few months he will be ten years old. His whole lifetime has been spent in a towerless world. He asked me today, but where did all the people actually go?

I explained the best I could. The reporter on TV started talking about body parts and I winced but I didn't change the channel. A ten-year-old American boy read a letter out to a father he never met. "Dear Dad ..... we just missed each other. Mum is doing a really great job raising me."

Max turned to me and said, wouldn't it be good if all the people that day were just unbreakable?


The focus should always be on recovery. You just have to keep your head together as best you can. Keep hope and faith in your heart when the whole world turns to shit in just one day.

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