Saturday, 17 September 2011

Now I'm just being ironic.

Last night I wrote and published a post called "My cruisy awesome week in Instagram pictures!" And then unpublished it after an hour. It did not contain any actual Instagram pictures, I was being ironic.

It was not a particularly bad or telling post ... no more then any other bad or telling post I've written here.

Did you hear the story of this chick who started a blog that got so big it almost ate her? It's a doozy.

When you read a blog, you are reading a filtered view of the world. The honesty and truth shown, the stories, the ache ... it's all relative and subjective. I could say the same thing in twenty different ways, each with a different slant and spin.

I am the protagonist of this blog. It is my life and my story that I choose to tell here. Why I do this, I am not exactly sure.

So here, while I work a few things out ... and to be doubly-ironic ... here really *is* my week in photos.

A wall in Glebe. Something that used to be there, but not any more. It looks vaguely familiar.

A scariest fucked up koala competition in some factory in China. Lerner, I'm posting it to you.

I'll never leave my mascara in the back seat again.

I have conquered these jonquils!

God is real. Just sayin'.

My burger from the Stuffed Beaver in Bondi was also real. Until I ate it.


My great-grandmother feeding me milk from a glass bottle in 1972. The sheen in my hair reminded me that there was once a day when I hadn't done anything wrong yet.

Cheers, Big Ears.

I call this photo "Human." Mochamomma loved it straight away and will be using it for her series on race.
So. There we go ... a nice, light post. Too easy!

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