Saturday, 17 September 2011

Now I'm just being ironic.

Last night I wrote and published a post called "My cruisy awesome week in Instagram pictures!" And then unpublished it after an hour. It did not contain any actual Instagram pictures, I was being ironic.

It was not a particularly bad or telling post ... no more then any other bad or telling post I've written here.

Did you hear the story of this chick who started a blog that got so big it almost ate her? It's a doozy.

When you read a blog, you are reading a filtered view of the world. The honesty and truth shown, the stories, the ache ... it's all relative and subjective. I could say the same thing in twenty different ways, each with a different slant and spin.

I am the protagonist of this blog. It is my life and my story that I choose to tell here. Why I do this, I am not exactly sure.

So here, while I work a few things out ... and to be doubly-ironic ... here really *is* my week in photos.

A wall in Glebe. Something that used to be there, but not any more. It looks vaguely familiar.

A scariest fucked up koala competition in some factory in China. Lerner, I'm posting it to you.

I'll never leave my mascara in the back seat again.

I have conquered these jonquils!

God is real. Just sayin'.

My burger from the Stuffed Beaver in Bondi was also real. Until I ate it.


My great-grandmother feeding me milk from a glass bottle in 1972. The sheen in my hair reminded me that there was once a day when I hadn't done anything wrong yet.

Cheers, Big Ears.

I call this photo "Human." Mochamomma loved it straight away and will be using it for her series on race.
So. There we go ... a nice, light post. Too easy!



  1. Will you republish the unpublished post from last night? I am keen to read it.

    I LOVE the photo of you being bottlefed by your GGM, lovely. xo

  2. It's weird when your blog gets bigger. It gets easier, but damn the adjustment period.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. it's hard to imagine we were once as wide-eyed and undamaged as our kids were when we first met them. But we were... Hope you are ok...
    Nic x

  5. It's best to bite back at blogs that have the tendency to eat you. :)

  6. Rex is right it's still there.

    Please don't think you need to be anyone but who you are. The reason your bloggyworld has exploded is because of who you are, not who you think we want you to be.

    Don't get caught up in the stress of performance. Just be.


  7. That is not a koala, it's a drop bear. OBVIOUSLY. And Rocco was just trying to protect himself against it (mate, it's vegemite smeared on your face, not mascara. You'll learn).

    In other news, Amy did that to a lipstick the other day. Obviously that's why we call it warpaint?

  8. sorry, just deleted my comment, so the world does not try to track down your post!

    thanks for the e-mail..


  9. The baby picture is divine! And dont think of it as not yet making mistakes but as not yet having had the chance to live and learn x

  10. That last picture is perfect... Think I should print it up and put it on my mirror...

  11. There is a pic of me and my Mum asleep in bed together when I am a baby. She is holding my hand.
    I look at it to remind myself that there was once a time when my Mum thought everything I did was incredible.

  12. You'll be right. It just takes a while to get your head around it.
    I live in a very,very small town in a very small state. My blog went from semi anonymous, to every man and his fucking dog having my blog addy. Suddenly it wasn't my space anymore.
    You will be fine. Trust me.

  13. Hmmm, hoping you are ok, noted that you haven't blogged this week, and being as I am, and new to your blog, but read a lot of 'stuff' of it, I am worried. It sounds crap to say 'take care' or 'look after yourself' so not going to say it. xx

  14. Why am I reminded of the rolling stones when I read this post?

    'You can't always get what you want But if you try sometimes you just might find You get what you need'

    I have just spent a week on a sun lounger in Portugal, seems like I missed a lot of stuff.

    Take care xoxox


  15. I haven't yet encountered my blog getting big but I get what you mean.
    I love the God pic, you and GGM is wonderful red boots!

  16. Thanks.

    I'm completely fine with my unpublished post being read by most.

    Just unsure of how I feel about it being read by my neighbours, the chick at the bank, and my sister-in-laws ex boyfriend. And his mum.

  17. Feeeling really superficial today cos Ive had a crap week and am done over thinking things.

    I just want your GGMs hat.

  18. You rock. As does great granny's hat. And Spidey in the jonquils.

  19. You know I love you, right? You were missing on our anniversary 24 hours in Sydney. Next time we're coming to the Blue Mountains x

  20. I saw your other post and as someone who wishes everyone knew her story, but is tongue tied I thought you very brave.

    I can imagine that there is a certain amount of push-me/pull-me/push-me with honesty and privacy and giving your readers what you think they want. I can tell you that this reader truly only wishes you happiness and peace. Write crap. I don't care. Just be content with whatever you write. That being said, I'm super stoked that you took your post down if it didn't please YOU.

  21. Your grandma is a gorgeous specimen!

    Don't knock the Instagrammers... they are all just trying to get by. Some more ironically than others. x


Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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