Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Beautifully shot ten-minute doco, narrated by Tom Hanks.

I had absolutely no idea this happened. Love how they are all heroes ... and they know it. And they know that anybody in their shoes that day would have done the same thing. It's called "shared humanity."



  1. Stupid insomnia 2am Uk time with my stupid pointless worries. I needed to see this, I never knew, and now I do. Thank you for sharing x

  2. That was beautiful Eden. I never knew about this part of 9/11. I am glad I do now.

    I am still crying from it.

    Thank you for sharing xx

  3. "I never want to have to say I should have"
    What a beautiful message. Thank you Eden

  4. Incredible! SO moving and such a powerful story. Thank you for sharing, I honestly had no idea that this had even happened....

  5. "I believe as somebody has all the hero in them. Gotta look in ... and it's in there."
    'Course it is!
    Thank you, Eden, for sharing this and touching my heart deeply x

  6. Thank you for posting this.

    What a truly amazing story. So many people helped.


  7. Amazing. I never even thought of boats getting people out of the city.
    Thank you

  8. OMG bawling my eyes out - thanks for this broze - fucking amazing uh xx

  9. Shared humanity - you got that right. I want to say it's amazing, but I am not really amazed that there are good people out there doing what needs to be done. I only hope that society gets more people like that, rather than fewer.

  10. There are tears in my eyes and I can safely say that my heart is racing. I had no idea but I am so grateful that this story is being told.

  11. Brilliant!

    There has been so much talk with the 10 year anniversary of 911 and all of the other tragic stories that have followed, that as a society we hang on to the tragedy stories, the grief and the loss. Maybe it's not that we want to see the tragedy - maybe it's because we hope to see the "shared humility" that comes from these situations.

    What a great doco. I love hearing about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.


  12. amazing! thank you so much for sharing, i have now done the same on facebook - it's a story that should be shared.


  13. WOW! Thank you! 10 years and I had never heard this part of the story before.

  14. So glad that you posted this Eden - I never knew - but now I do. Who needs OH&S when the chips are really down?

  15. Moved to tears. Amazing. I'm sharing with everyone I know! Thanks for linking this.

  16. There are so many stories from that day and the weeks and months that followed.

    I was talking to an NYPD big shot over the 9/11 weekend and he gave me his account of that day. It was absolutely enthralling. His minute by minute recall of detail shows how the mind captures traumatic events.

    There really are good people in the world. The everyday heroes we never hear about.


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