Thursday, 1 September 2011

BlogHer11 Voice of the Year

This year, it was a first for BlogHer to film and then send out individual video codes to each of the people who spoke. Cannot tell you how much I wish I had just paid the $40 for a hair blowdry. The San Diego humidity did me no favours.

Reading this post out was one of the biggest honours of my life. Thank you BlogHer. Thank you Vee for letting me. Vees mother died of cancer last week. Cancer is the worlds biggest thief.  Thank you, to you - all those people who came up to me at the conference days afterwards and grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes and told me thank you. And told me about your aunt/cousin/dad/mum who had cancer, or some disease ... or just that  my post touched them in a really big way.

It touched me too. Forever.

I went way over my time limit because I kept ad-libbing because I did not receive enough attention as a child and must forcefully grab it while I can. When I walked off stage I couldn't go over to the other beautiful bloggers - I went in the opposite direction and crouched and sobbed all the sob up. Than I joined tham and they all hugged me, bloggers and women and beautiful Souls, all.

You know what else we should all grab forcefully? Lifes balls. Grab them. Change the goddamn stupid world. Look outside yourself, not in. Your navel's doing great. So here's the vid - I hope it loads properly. You may have to play it then go back to watch it. Or watch it painfully load like I just did, obsessing over every rubber-faced freeze frame. FREEZE FRAME? FREEZE FRAME WHOOO!

If you'll excuse me I'm off to promise my husband many sexual favours in exchange for the $800 to get this boy Agus out of his bullshit living conditions. Or maybe you can help? Who has a lazy $800? Is there a company out there who wants some awesome (almost) free press? (But I can't promise *you* sexual favours. I'd like to stay married.)

We need to change the world every day because it's dumb and needs changing.

Every day.

Later on, dancin' and rappin' at Sparklecorn, the amazing Ryan from the Panic Room took a photo of me. I go to this blog post of his every once in a while and scroll down to Girl #4. It's me. And just look at her stuck in that awesome moment forever.

Thanks Ryan. And seriously - I sing the lyrics of "Potty Time" on your Do Fun Stuff album every goddamn day. ESPECIALLY the rap part!


  1. I will be donating to keep the darling boy Agus alive. I will be recommending everyone I know do the same. It breaks my heart that anyone's child has to live that way.

    Once again you made me cry with the reading of that post. I must have read it 50 times already and it never fails to bring me to tears. It's not hard these're right. Cancer is a fucking dirty thief. It is currently sucking the life from my MIL for the second time as we speak. My wife is in at the hospital right now with her...I can't bring myself to join her. You are making a powerful difference in the world Eden Riley. I wish I could express myself half as well as you do.

  2. You know how much I love you, don't you? x

  3. Throat lump, tears and Yeah Baby - hot in the pix

    You know you can do anything. Word.

  4. Oh Eden. Seriously, I don't know what to say. You inspire me so much, and you're my biggest girly blogger crush (in a not stalker way!)

    You really do have the biggest heart xx

  5. Excuse me while I go and grab life's balls. That's what you have inspired me to do. (Not the first time). And that poor boy Agus - thanks for bringing him to our attention.

  6. Eden you are the best friend that I have never met. Baby, when you are in someones corner, there is light. I am so proud of you and I hope you are proud of yourself. Step back and see where you were a few years back, and see where you are now. There is a reason.

  7. BIG lump in my throat now, like HUGE.

    What a moment in time.

    NYC, mama?

    BEcause if yes, I will smother you more than I did at this BlogHer.

    You, me: it's just right.


    Aside from the painfulness of watching the huge orange pumpkin that is me on this video, I LOVED EVERY FREAKIN SECOND.

  8. Dear Girl #4,
    You are amazeballs.
    That is all.
    Love Gx

  9. A...M...A...Z..I..NG..

    I am so gonna read your book when you get published, because you will and then everyone else will see why everyone here loves you

  10. So glad I grabbed that shot of you, and even more happy that you dig it. Thanks for the shout today from your blog :)

  11. I loved this. I cried and you look fucking awesome in that photo.

  12. Thank you for writing about Agus. Did you know Agus will now go to school. Agus will eat three meals a day. Agus will not die from TB or other preventable diseases. Agus will hopefully have a mother well into adulthood. Agus has all these things because we blog.
    Sometimes blogging seems frivolous and meaningless. Before I started blogging I thought you must have to have some sort of ego to think people would read and care about what you say.
    Agus doesn't know what a blog is, neither does his mother - if I could possibly explain it to them I would. They don't need to know, they just need to know someone cared.

  13. A great post, a great reading. And thank you for bringing attention to Agus, I hope they surpass their fundraising goal =)

    That is an amazing photo of you, they all are.

  14. Eden, you were amazing and incredible and I'm so glad I got to meet you and dance for a moment with you and your entourage. I wish you the best of luck because you deserve it.


  15. I was one of the many you touched with your reading. I lost my father to cancer, and I currently live in Santa Monica, so it spoke to me on many levels.

    Beautiful, Eden. Simply beautiful, just like you.

  16. I only just 'met' you and I'm crying already! Man!
    Amazing speech. Well done you.


Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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