Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Make money blogging. Ask me how!

Can you make money from blogging? I don't mean free trips or stuff or products or things or clothes or lipgloss.

Or nappies or vouchers or educational books or bandaids or spokey dokeys.

I'm talking serious coin. Is it possible? Can it be done? I'm interested.

In the past few weeks I've had a whirlwind of emails and requests from PR companies asking me for my non-existent media kit. True: I flew to America with no media kit ... on a Blogger blog, no less. I have started to reply to the PR's, saying, of course I will email you through my media kit!

Then I think, what is a media kit? I know lots of people have them .. I've just never taken my blog that seriously to think I needed one.

I got back home last week, sat down at my desk and thought Now, where was I?  I have no idea.

I have failed at most things in life, including having a career and starting my own business. I am a ridiculous bumbler. Walking awkwardly through it all ... this home life that Dave and I have got going here lately? HECTIC. It's very, very hard and takes up most of my energy.

Today I wrote up a Media/PR section for my blog, just to see where it will take me. Tomorrow I will tackle a media kit. It's like - homework. So boring.

I'm incredibly flattered with a lot of opportunities that are being bandied about, as well as a bit concerned over bloggers doing things for free. Case in point: I wrote a blog post a few months back called Fatty Boomsticks. It shows my fat stomach - some would call that stupid brave. Not long after, I received an email from a weight loss company asking if I could please mention them on my blog?

I asked what they would offer in return, and they told me ... why, nothing!

I don't think they understand how much WORK was involved in getting my gut to look like that. I declined their generous offer and emailed them the link of Wil Wheaton collating papers. Never heard back.

I loathe the sentiment that just because you blog, you are entitled to free shit. However, if you spend years building something up, surely that might mean something?


In the meantime, I have some *awesome* ideas for blog posts.

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