Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Make money blogging. Ask me how!

Can you make money from blogging? I don't mean free trips or stuff or products or things or clothes or lipgloss.

Or nappies or vouchers or educational books or bandaids or spokey dokeys.

I'm talking serious coin. Is it possible? Can it be done? I'm interested.

In the past few weeks I've had a whirlwind of emails and requests from PR companies asking me for my non-existent media kit. True: I flew to America with no media kit ... on a Blogger blog, no less. I have started to reply to the PR's, saying, of course I will email you through my media kit!

Then I think, what is a media kit? I know lots of people have them .. I've just never taken my blog that seriously to think I needed one.

I got back home last week, sat down at my desk and thought Now, where was I?  I have no idea.

I have failed at most things in life, including having a career and starting my own business. I am a ridiculous bumbler. Walking awkwardly through it all ... this home life that Dave and I have got going here lately? HECTIC. It's very, very hard and takes up most of my energy.

Today I wrote up a Media/PR section for my blog, just to see where it will take me. Tomorrow I will tackle a media kit. It's like - homework. So boring.

I'm incredibly flattered with a lot of opportunities that are being bandied about, as well as a bit concerned over bloggers doing things for free. Case in point: I wrote a blog post a few months back called Fatty Boomsticks. It shows my fat stomach - some would call that stupid brave. Not long after, I received an email from a weight loss company asking if I could please mention them on my blog?

I asked what they would offer in return, and they told me ... why, nothing!

I don't think they understand how much WORK was involved in getting my gut to look like that. I declined their generous offer and emailed them the link of Wil Wheaton collating papers. Never heard back.

I loathe the sentiment that just because you blog, you are entitled to free shit. However, if you spend years building something up, surely that might mean something?


In the meantime, I have some *awesome* ideas for blog posts.



  1. The media PR section you just wrote is thoroughly entertaining....you are indeed a cracker. I have no idea what to make of all the branding and blogging stuff and I am not sure that I can be arsed with it all. Feels like work. I just want to write about my kids and my life and stuff. Have a great week x

  2. I can relate to this! I've been thinking about a PR kit (and I don't even have any offers coming in, just being, you know, wildly optimistic - or up myself...).

    I think if you're only blogging to get free stuff, they you need to go do something else. On the other hand, my blog isn't a billboard for companies to plaster their goods all over for free (or even for money, but I'm happy to stand up for stuff I believe in or like - sorry, not weightless company ads, like EVER)... Don't forget to tell us about your media kit...

  3. Can you make me a media kit when you figure it out too? Ta!
    <3 Susan

  4. Oh Eden, that's a crack up. I pitched a weight loss company and you know what? The fuckers turned me down!


  5. This sounds exciting! I have no idea what a media kit is! But I know it most be a lot of work. It sounds like work. Nothing worth making money is easy comes with some work behind it.
    Love to ehar more and learn more

  6. I'm insulted when I get emails where the PR peeps obviously want me to mention it on my blog (or just ask me to). I ignore them. I really should ask what's in it for me but mostly can't be bothered.

  7. Glowless and Tina Gray know all about Media Kits. I have one, but am yet to make money. I can however offer you chocolate, if you enter my giveaway. Or come to a party at my house. That's all I've been able to secure. Chocolate. Not bad really...

  8. I was honestly just pondering this today. Should you refrain from mentioning specific brands or giving away "free" reviews because you like something so that companies will look at your blog and see that you "ain't a cheap biatch"?

    So maybe I shouldn't give reviews or whatever just because I find something I like. But then what if you WANT to share that news? Should you maybe contact that company saying you'd like to and asking for some sort of compensation from them? (Like maybe some product to giveaway to your readers, or even money? But then that seems tacky to me?)

  9. I've just finished updating my media kit, yet again. I swear to god, that thing is snappier than my blogroll and touchier too.

    Anyway, if you want to talk media kits, I'm happy to give you all of my advice, which is basically nothing, but hey, I'm here to help.

  10. I don't know what a blogging media kit looks like and I would be a bit scared to find out. But I really like your Media and PR page and I think it must feel marvellous to see all of that written down in one place like that. x

  11. It's my goal to never have to write a media kit because all I could write is: "Thinks she's a dinosaur. Wears a cat hat."

    If you can turn this little space into something that earns you money, all the better. Good luck. xx

  12. Love your media page - it's so funny and so you, and look at all those achievements!

    When asked for a media kit, I say sorry I don't have one... but here are some details of my blog/me/audience. Not because I can't be bothered doing one - don't laugh but it's the sort of thing I'd actually ENJOY putting together! - but because it doesn't feel like my blog space should have a media kit. It's more personal than that, so I go with a personalised email rather than a standard kit. That's just my take on it. And I'm clearly not a poster girl for successful money making in Blogland!

  13. Absolutely no idea, which is why I'm a part time teacher as well. I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to marry the two of them together, then my life will be complete!

  14. Sometimes I have the energy to pretend I care about all this PR bull sh*t and other days I just want to throw the computer against the wall so I don't have to check if I used your or you're correctly.

    Because that is stuff that keeps me awake at night. The oldest child pointed out that I missed a 't' while writing Little Diva on a photo collage for someone's blog link up yesterday. Mortified.

    Time to get a life, me thinks.

  15. I don't know if there's money in blogging…but it looks like there could be money in selling PR kits to Bloggers! HHHmmm, there's some food for thought……

  16. I'll take the advice, Veronica! I don't have a media kit. OR know where to start.

    Eden. First things first. The answer is ALWAYS Bono. Or more to the point, it is NEVER Eminem. Ever. Mkay?

    Love your page. Tis all kinds of awesome. Can't believe I missed the stomach page.

    Is flogging products the only way to make money? BEcasue I really, really don't know that I want to do it. It would feel wierd on my blog. I'm happy to sell adspace (or my soul, kidneys and at least 3 cups of my boobs), but don't want to do reviews that much.

  17. It's your audience that is attractive to brands. Value it. Create your own guidelines and be comfortable with that. No-one can "make" you blog about anything you don't want to blog about. That's the beautiful thing about being a managing editor and publisher ;)

  18. I get so annoyed by my inbox getting flooded each day with people wanting me to promote their stuff for free.
    Hey! I'm in business too, and considering I bust my tail off every day in order to provide value then I deserve to be rewarded like anyone else.

    I also don't believe that you are entitled to freebies because you blog. You must provide value in return. Successful brand/blogger relationship is a win win situation.
    I know a few travel bloggers who take free press trips and never write about it. One guy was brought over from the US to Western Australia for 2 weeks and did amazing things. He wrote one shitty blog post on facts about Australia which he pulled off the net. I was so pissed!! This is the kind of BS that gives bloggers who are in it for good reasons a bad name.
    I always make sure I do a good job so then I don't feel bad about being compensated for it.
    You provide a lot of value Eden so you warmly embrace what you deserve in return!

  19. Darling, you are in demand because you are the soul we all have and are afraid to bare. You show no fear (I didn't say you didn't feel it, you just don't show it)and we all are in awe of your "look at me world, I can fuck up sometimes....but I can survive and so can you" attitude. That, and you are just a fun bitch :-)Find out what the hell the kit involves, get some Tim Tams, sit your butt down and make one. You deserve to be paid my dear!!
    Other vagina manor overlord.

  20. I don't have a media kit either but you may have just invented the Bloggers Media Kit.

    Don't we all blog because we don't want to do what everyone else does or do what we are told?

    Isn't blogging for all those girls with masses of ideas and no disciplin (did I spell that right) to turn it into a million dollars.

    All these corporates are just about to pounce on the bloggers to help saturate every nook and cranny of our world with "product".

    We need to make sure we stand firm and only support what we believe in, like Ribena.

    Mmmm, maybe Lindt want to talk.

  21. What?! We're supposed to have kits? Waxing lyrical about my own suffering and delicate opinions(in public) is an art! Pay us cold hard cash, I say! ;)

  22. @Melissa - I will buy 3 cups of your boobs, so I can actually have some boobs that look like boobs.

    @Eden - Love the PR/Media page. Have I told you how much you suck though? Seriously look at your 'check out all the awesome shit I have done' list. Yep def a green eyed monster sitting here thinking how much *she* would have LOVED going to Blogopolis or BlogHer.

    But yes I was thinking about all this stuff today while flicking through my ProBlogger book... actually been thinking about it alot lately... why I dunno.

    MC xx

  23. Love your Media/PR page ... Looks brillant. It is great to see all that you have done in one place. Doing a Media/Page and a Media Kit is on my to-do list from Blogopolis.

  24. I want to see you be rewarded in every single way possible, in every way your heart desires. And more.

  25. Woman, do you know Pioneer Woman makes insane amounts of money?

    Just from being authentic?

    It's what people want.

    And what you are.

  26. I should have know you'd approach media and PR with your usual honesty. I really and truly love you for it. You are my hero.

  27. I will leave a comment, Blogger will not stop me.

    I wanted to write your media kit for you.
    Here it is:

    "All media and PR requests will be considered. Please provide all requests in writing, covering all requirements, obligations, remunerations and reasons why I would want to blog about your brand or organisation.

    The proposals that offer the most original, interesting, creative, fun, focussed and crazy requests will then be contacted to discuss my requirements."

    See, turn it around, they want you remember.

    I don't think you need a media kit, it may end up limiting you. Let them offer their best campaigns and see how creative they can get. Us Marketing peeps love a creative challenge.

  28. Love, I've been doing this for years and years and I don't have a media kit. Which isn't saying much. If you figure it out, lemme know.

    Or just tell them I'm your agent. I'll wrangle loads of money on your behalf.

  29. Alrighty then, there's really only a few ways to make money from this gig - you either sell stuff on your blog, like ad space or paid reviews - or you get paid to endorse stuff online &/or offline.
    You have to make sure it's a good fit for you & your audience, otherwise you run the risk of losing readers - but that can & does happen for any number of reasons. People have a shitty day, need to downsize their online space, whatever - you know this.
    It's a step in another direction, but it's one you have total control over. And why shouldn't you make a living from what you love & do so bloody brilliantly??
    Or you could write your own book, self publish & sell it on here, I'd fucking buy it & one for everyone I know.

  30. Wil Wheaton is a babe. Stand by Me was the best. I'd be happy to send you a stupid pitch just so you could direct me to that picture and I could dream x

  31. I'm thinking about pulling the plug on monetisation because I wonder if my soul is worth a free whatever. Besides, for the most part the opportunities that my blog has thrown up make me more money than anything I actually do on my blog.

  32. I really must get around to doing the media kit. I would love to make money from my blog, but I feel that the opportunities at the moment are more achievable. Anyway, as long as I'm having fun any bonuses are just that!


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