Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It wasn't a catamaran.

It was a chop choppy speedster that made all our tummies go funny. I went snorkelling in my undies because I forgot my bikini bottoms but nobody noticed because I didn't tell them .. that's the trick to life. If you go to a foreign country and forget your bikini bottoms, just wear khaki undies and pretend you bought them as a matching set with your black top and don't say a word.

Own those khakis, baby.

Obviously, people are asking me a lot about my blog and what I write and who I am and where I came from and WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE HERE?

But that's ok. I wear khaki undies. And I'm on a boat. And I'll be home in the blink of an eye and will not go away like this for a very long time.

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