Saturday, 6 August 2011

Gonna Be Alright.

Very far from home, a skull tattoo starts to flake.

I read my post Every Little Thing out yesterday at the BlogHer 2011 Voices of the Year. Have not even gone to bed yet, but I need Vee to see this.

Before I left Sydney last week, I drove back down to Nepean Hospital to see if the artwork was still there. My son came with me, and just as we were walking in he said Mum - what if it's not there?

I had never even thought that. We walked in and I told him to act casual, like we were visiting someone. Detectives. We walked in, and the first canvass wasn't there. And the second canvass wasn't there. Inching over to the room we put one, in I glanced in.

To find the last one was still there.

                                    One outta three aint bad.
It sucked going there - like all the other times. I hated it and was lucky enough to grab my son and run for the hills. There is never a good day to visit a cancer ward.

Alex's art has been on sale at Red Bubble for many years now. It still is. You can have a look at the rest of his stuff here. I love how Vee has kept it open. There's an option to buy just a greeting card for $3.


BlogHer is blowing my goddamn mind again. So many things have happened. The branding of blogs is getting huge now ... I hope the storytelling always remains. I am completely honoured that this post was the one that got chosen. America thank you for being totally fine with the fact that an Aussie was up there. You people rock.

I rapped Lose Yourself to Mrs Woog at Sparklecorn tonight, to celebrate.

There are a maelstrom of posts in my head, swirling. They'll keep, but this one couldn't. Thank you Vee, for allowing me to share your story. People were really touched by what we did. They told me.


My husband emailed me to say his brand new motorbike is sitting on the living room floor. Of course it is. When he tells everybody about it, they always ask him, What will Eden think!

He tells them that I was the one who talked him into it - and I did.

Live your goddamn life.
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