Monday, 1 August 2011

Glint of Gold.

Sitting in Qantas lounge and walking over to get a cup of coffee just then, a well-dressed lady came towards me so I stopped and waited for her to go first. I stood there for a while waiting, until I realised that it was a mirror and I was waiting for myself.

I was waiting for myself.

So I let myself pass. And I'll let myself walk onto a plane in a minute and fly over to the States and have an amazing time. Life can be amazing if you let it ... some days, you are hunched over a poo trying to decipher if it human, and some days you cross the globe ready for an adventure.

Beside myself with excitement. I feel very close to an orgasm right now - like, Charlie when he ripped the wrapper and he first saw the glint of gold. I had that book when I was a kid and would re-read that passage over and over again, my ten-year old heart passionately believing that amazing things can happen.

I forgot that for a long time, but it's always been a truth.

I have a handy travel pack of Vegemite ready. I want to get a skull tattoo on my neck in LA. Just spoke to Dave and the sound of his tough voice made my heart go funny. I wrapped thirteen presents for all three kids at home before I left, so they open one every morning and know that I am thinking of them. Dave says Rocco keeps trying to break into the room with the present stash. I miss my boys keenly. Achey.

A special shout-out today to the other four Australian bloggers travelling over to BlogHer this week:

My extraordinary travelling companion Mrs Woog, Brenda from Mummytime, Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim, and Sarah from Ah the Possibilities.

All morning, I have read beautiful supportive texts and emails from a lot of Aussie bloggers wishing us well - thank you so much. Come next year - I'm serious. Even if we can't get sponsorship, just save up and come. We'll hire a whole goddamn plane.

Don't wait for yourself.
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