Monday, 1 August 2011

Glint of Gold.

Sitting in Qantas lounge and walking over to get a cup of coffee just then, a well-dressed lady came towards me so I stopped and waited for her to go first. I stood there for a while waiting, until I realised that it was a mirror and I was waiting for myself.

I was waiting for myself.

So I let myself pass. And I'll let myself walk onto a plane in a minute and fly over to the States and have an amazing time. Life can be amazing if you let it ... some days, you are hunched over a poo trying to decipher if it human, and some days you cross the globe ready for an adventure.

Beside myself with excitement. I feel very close to an orgasm right now - like, Charlie when he ripped the wrapper and he first saw the glint of gold. I had that book when I was a kid and would re-read that passage over and over again, my ten-year old heart passionately believing that amazing things can happen.

I forgot that for a long time, but it's always been a truth.

I have a handy travel pack of Vegemite ready. I want to get a skull tattoo on my neck in LA. Just spoke to Dave and the sound of his tough voice made my heart go funny. I wrapped thirteen presents for all three kids at home before I left, so they open one every morning and know that I am thinking of them. Dave says Rocco keeps trying to break into the room with the present stash. I miss my boys keenly. Achey.

A special shout-out today to the other four Australian bloggers travelling over to BlogHer this week:

My extraordinary travelling companion Mrs Woog, Brenda from Mummytime, Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim, and Sarah from Ah the Possibilities.

All morning, I have read beautiful supportive texts and emails from a lot of Aussie bloggers wishing us well - thank you so much. Come next year - I'm serious. Even if we can't get sponsorship, just save up and come. We'll hire a whole goddamn plane.

Don't wait for yourself.


  1. OH I miss you already. Not having you in the country unsettles me.

    So many wise words in this. So many.

    Must try to remember some of them. At least.

  2. We're all living a little vicariously through you for this time.

    Love it for all of us. Own it for all of us. You deserve it, wonderful, amazing Eden.

    I hope it's one of the most exciting adventures of your life. Enjoy every single second. Even the flying.


  3. Bring us back the gold, Eden. I'll be retweeting everything you post!

  4. Have an amazing time!!

    PS - how funny would that be, a plane filled with Aussie bloggers?!

  5. Mate get over there and be that outrageous Barrie sister, run the gauntlet and make us proud. Be loud, be rude, be funny, be yourself. Just be ironic and fuck em all if they can't take a joke.

    love ya guts mofo bro
    L x

  6. Fly safe.

    I wish I thought of leaving presents for Lacey. Dang. I was too wrapped up in anxiety to think straight.

    Have a great trip. Can't wait to see you there. xx

  7. From one red-head to another....I hope you have an awesome time. You'll rock it :)

  8. Have an amazing time, enjoy every second!

  9. Have a great time Eden. Looking forward to your posts covering the event!

  10. Naw, makes me teary. Don't wait for yourself. I love that. xoxo

  11. You are so funny! Waiting for yourself! LOL. Do us Aussies proud! San Diego is lovely. You may like to visit Old Town, if you get a chance.

  12. Hahaha at a plane full of mummy bloggers, aussie ones at that!

    Can't wait to read about your adventures!

  13. Have a fabo time, travel safely and report back. Santa Monica is a must for celebs, so is Venice beach for the odd-bods. xx

  14. I head over on Wednesday! Good to know I won't be the only one there trecking it from oz...!

  15. No need for me to tell you to have a Fantastic Time!

    Can't wait to hear all about it xx

  16. Wise and inspirational, as always Eden. Couldnt ask for a better or more awesome Aussie blogging crew to represent our little corner of the blogosphere x

  17. I have been getting teary every time I think of leaving my clan, which lately has been quite a lot. You remind me that this is such an opportunity and such an incredible adventure. And it will all be ok. See you on the other side gorgeous one xx

  18. San Diego has beaches and nice ones too; and desert.

    We in Northern California have 500 feet (150 m) redwood trees; stunning lakes and chunks of granite 3500 feet straight up to climb, rolling hills and enormous mountains and the Central Valley from the north view.

    Hope you have a fabulous time and that the others learn a bit of your lore.

  19. Don't wait for yourself. I love that.
    Have a blast.

  20. I came back to read this again, because I loved it so much.

    I commented again, because I had to tell you that too.

    And in the time I've read this twice and commented twice - you've been in the air that whole time. Amazing. x

  21. I hope you're having an amazing time. x

  22. It's kinda weird that I know you are sitting next to Woogsy as you write this...

    Man, you two just get outta here and have fun and I'll see you on the 20th! x

  23. Good luck! Wish I could catch you this time around, but it was not meant to be. Enjoy LA and San Diego...I know that I have. Can't wait to read all about it. XOXOX


  24. Next year I think your American friends should come as well...we should all be traipsing around Hollywood causing trouble.

  25. I am thrilled for you all & yes, I think you bloody deserve it all of you talented, beautiful, hard working women. You all rock! Xxx

  26. The Aussies may miss you but we welcome you in the States! Best of luck with your speech.

    You know, I still get that little anticipatory feeling when ever I get to open a Wonka bar, you just never know.

  27. OMG, the Golden Wrapper!!! I wrote a love letter to my son recently about the song, Pure Imagination, from the movie! I've been singing that to him! Charlie is definitely in the air. Go Wonka Energy.

    The 13 prezzies while you're away... Awwww, can you be MY mum??? Nah, you're way too young and people would find it weird that you have a daughter with rock hard boobs.

    You are our Aussie Olympian (secretly, I think you're better than Cathy Freeman).

  28. Lol! I think I've been waiting for myself for a long time now. I don't seem to do much... Hmmm... 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was the first novel I ever read. I love that bit where he sees the ticket.

  29. Just heard you wowed them all over at Blogher. Congratulations you are an Aussie legend and role model for many.

    I love the title of this post, you are a glint of GOLD whereever you go.

    I saw you pop up at Mary's blog too.


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