Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Edenland Bloco.

This morning I stood at my kitchen sink and ate a hunk of cold leftover chicken schnitzel, straight out of my hand. Like a savage. A sad one.

Being home is foreign .. it is America that is familiar. I bought some cream from the shops this morning, and made my own half-and-half for my coffee.

That cannot end well.

Here is my Bloco, my blog doco on the last two weeks. It runs for nine minutes.

Gee my hair shits me. How can I be 39 and still have dumb hair?

My next post will be BlogHer 2011 highlights - of which there were many. I am so lucky. I am so sad.


Do you think, if I never eat lunch again, I could drink coffee with cream and sugar and never get fat?
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