Monday, 25 July 2011

Wibena Flushie.

Care to win a family trip to New Zealand?

To enter, check out the Ribena Australia Facebook page, fill in your details and tell them in 25 words or less how your family enjoys Ribena. I've been to New Zealand, it's stunning. We took a driving trip around the South island with three children, when I was pregnant with Rocco. I do not recommend that. But I do recommend entering this. You even get to visit the Ribena Berry Farms.

Confession: when I was sitting in a meeting with Important Ribena People and they mentioned Ribena Berries, I sat there for about twenty seconds thinking, what IS a Ribena berry? (Blackcurrants. I confirmed with Woogs in the car on the way home.)


My very first word as a child was not mumma or dadda .... but "drink." ( Kind of ironic, really.) And my favourite drink was Ribena. In a sippy cup with a lid. Who would have thought, a kajillion years later, that same drink would fly me to America for a blogging conference?


We have been drinking Ribena for months now. It's saved me on more than one occasion, as sometimes every beverage in our fridge mysteriously vanishes. The stashed Ribena bottles in the pantry are brought out. Crisis averted.

Even though it's the middle of winter, and we live in the Blue Mountains ....behold!

                                          My cute assistant.

                                           He makes the best flushies!

Something incredibly annoying happened the first time we made them - I had to ask Dave for help. His face lit up ... What hon? Do you actually need my HELP? (He offers his "help" to me in many ways, during our life together. Which always ends up in me telling him that he is NOT the boss of me.)

We switched it on, and BAM. Slushies for all. Or as Rocco would call them, "Wibena flushies." I can't correct him, it is so cute. So now we all ask, whose turn is it to make a Wibena Flushie?

        At least he had the courtesy to spill it on the dark part of the rug.

They are delicious. Please note, I am determined to make good use of the pink fairy cups Acer Arena charged me $15 for (each!) last week at Disney on Ice. It is a shock, to have such pink things in the house.

I made mine in a glass. I drank three, they are that good. The ice comes out so exquisitely thin, and you just pour the syrup on top.

                                Matching dark purple Ribena manicure

To win one of two purple goodie packs:  what's a cute thing your kid (or your friends kid, or your partner, your niece, etc) says, but you can't correct them on it?

For example, the way Rocco says Wibena flushie. Or how Max used to call his heart beating his "Loveheart beeping." Or, the many words my husband mis-pronounces on a daily basis but I'm not allowed to correct him so must stand there with a straight face and then call one of my sisters later. "Today he said head poncho instead of head honcho hahahha."

Both prize packs include:
A Kambrook Little Chefs Snowy Flakes Ice Shaver - Kambrook, thank you SO much for coming to the slushie party!
Ribena Blackcurrant 2L Syrup
Ribena Light 1L Syrup
Ribena Blackcurrant - 6 x 250mL Pack - Fruit Drink

Chris the Ribena Guy will choose two winners. Competition closes Monday 1st August. Aussie residents only, I am SO sorry Bolivia!

Ribena on facebook
Ribena twitter hashtag is #RibenaAus

Wibena. Still one of my favourite drinks!
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