Monday, 11 July 2011

Meddlesome Do-Gooding.

*I've turned comments off for this post ... I knew you'd do it computer and you did! Thanks. Heaps.*

Three years ago, right at the start of Dave's chemotherapy, I was asked if I wanted to write the text for a childrens book. I took this as Universe balancing out the awful crap we were going through with something really lovely, and said yes. About twenty beautiful paintings arrived at my front door; it was my job to write some words about them. I remember lining them up all the way around the room upstairs, trying to find the threads of a story to tell. I did, it worked out really well, and I named the book "Buzzy Bees."

                           August 2009 - Rocco *loved* reading it, see?

I've had two big boxes of those books sitting in the hallway of my house for - oh, two years now. Dave often tells me to "Just sell them hon! Make some cash!" And I tried to, once. I took two copies in to a bookshop in Katoomba, and stood there, squirming - asked if they wanted to sell them on consignment. The bookshop lady did, she loved them and told me to come back in a few weeks and see if they sold.

I never went back. I'm not sure why. Probably because I'm a weirdo with huge amounts of self-loathing and zero self-esteem and hate, HATE pimping my wares for ANYTHING. (I had a distinct dream around this time, of standing up in front of a huge group of people .. who were all their to celebrate the writing of my "book." I told them all, in my speech - that it wasn't a book. It was just a square thing with words in it.)


In honour of my Year of Turning 40, I've decided to give them to you. Really! There's a catch - you just have to quickly pop over to Cate Bolt's Foundation 18 website and donate at least ten dollars. Once you've done that, let me know either via email or a comment, and I will mail you a copy. So simple. You can donate more, if you want to. Even just a few dollars more will make a huge difference. You get to feel good AND you get a book. Which I will even sign, if you want. I have thirty copies to give away.

                      My favourite page in the book - that crazy Mr Rooster!

I have no way of checking if you paid, so this is an honesty-based system. Like, buying a bag of peaches from the highway near a farm and leaving your money in the box. You could lie to me and I wouldn't know. But that's bad karma.

If you don't want a book but would like to help anyway, you can put this button in your blog sidebar:

Help Foundation 18 to continue to educate kids in need.

Get the code here.

Make sure you let me know if you put a button in, so I can come and check it out on your blog and marvel at its beauty. Think of it as carbon-neutral blogging. Especially if you already mention brands like Ford or Ribena on your blog - you can balance it all out, with annoying do-gooderism. If you'd like to be involved in another really cool thing to do with Project 18, email my friend Lerner at Stay at Home Babe. She is in the throes of organising something AMAZING! Hardcore, rockin' chicks with tattoos, UNITE.

Here's a quick vlog of me showing you the book.

I always think I look much prettier than I actually do. Sad.

I haven't told Cate I'm doing this - I'm going to wait, see how long it takes her to notice. (Because I'm kind of hoping the donations will ROLL in. Not by me - yet. I get paid tomorrow. I'll probably spare forty bucks. Maybe even fifty, if I postpone my pedicure til next week.)

Thank you in advance, Computer.


  1. Donated and buttonised!

    Such a wonderful idea.

    I don't have any children and the cat doesn't really like it when I talk to her, so I'll either keep the book for myself or pass it on to a friend with kids :)

  2. Awwww...such a great idea! I need to go donate so I can get a book for the boys!

  3. Just donated and would love your book. The paintings look amazing. How cool, my first autographed book!

  4. I'm always overwhelmed by the good some people do and hope that over time I will do more than I do now. I've donated to the cause, good on you for being a voice.
    love your blog you make me smile.

  5. You, Miss Eden, are beautiful inside & out - and definitely don't look like a clown! Clowns scare the crap out of me, and you don't scare me even a little bit!

    I have jumped at the chance to donate, and get myself my very own, signed copy of your square thing with words in it. I *may* even let the kids look at it!

  6. Awesome painting. That's a keeper.


    Would love to read your book to the kiddies.


  7. What a good cause. Donation done. Am sure my little girls would love the book. Thank you.

  8. As usual, you are spreading the positive energy throughout the blogosphere. Incredible!

  9. Donation made :-D

    I bow to E Riley, published author!

  10. Awesome project, gorgeous looking book (oh Eden, how I am SO very much with you on the "it's a square thing with words in it, not a book"... why d'ya think my juggernaut is taking me just sooooo long to finish? I cannot fathom the idea of pimping myself *sweat-pant-sweat-teethgnash*)

    Have donated, will add button when I figure out how.... I would dearly love one of your pretty books. Because it has your name on it. And I'd also love you to write your name IN it. For me. Pretty please xoxox

  11. Made a donation :) A great cause.

  12. You look really pretty, and your teeth look great!
    Great cause, I have donated. How kind of you to offer your gift of a book.

  13. With heaps of nieces and nephews one of them will be the lucky receiver of this book. A great gesture for a great project.

  14. I've spent a lot of time trying to think of something intelligent to say here but alas, I have nothing.

    So I'm just going to say that you're an awesome asshole and not at all clown-like.

    I've been having a little bit of a stress attack about paying the rent on the orphanage next year so really, this couldn't come at a better time.

    I am, however, going to have to report you for cruelty to animals. You cannot put a live rooster into a pan and cook him for tea. It's just not right.

    Thank you times eleventy billion.

  15. MATE - cannot miss a chance to have your book in my home just so I can say "oh my friend wrote that. Yes, I am friends with authors don't you know?".

    Also, that bit in the vlog when you start to read a section and almost start PISSING yourself laughing because you are reading from a book you wrote? PRICELESS.

    Money sent. Now send me the book you mole! X

  16. donation made (through husband's account) … such a lovely idea! xt

  17. Wow! what a beautiful idea :-) Donated <3 xxx
    Tried to put code on my side bar but nothing ? (What am i doing wrong) ggrrr

  18. Oh I said I would donate and hadn't done it yet, but I have donated now. Boo would love one of your books! Can I have it signed please :)

    You are just totally stuffed with goodness. x

  19. I've just very happily donated. I love a win win win transaction. That photo of Rocco "enjoying" your book is classic.

  20. Project 18 purchases count, right? We just bought a set of two rainbow flower hairclips and matching rainbow flower pin that Ailish cleverly made herself, they arrived a few days ago. Just beautiful :)

  21. THANK YOU!!

    I'm to bed now, just wanted to say that at this juncture, there are about twelve books left, with almost $300 raised for Project 18.

    And I love blogging.

    Thank you.

  22. Love this idea, and blogging is a great way to sell some books! I've shared this link on my facebook wall in hopes it helps you xx GOOD LUCK with your sales! Hope you make a difference xx

  23. Linkage was added. Will donate asap!

    You are a good egg Eden. :-)

  24. I donated and I would love an autographed book! Can't wait to read it to Isaac :).
    I think you look fantastic, btw!

  25. Just donated. A long time ago, I never sent you my address to send me a book becuase I didn't want to inconvenience you. But now I love you so much more and MUST have a book. But if they're all gone, I am still so happy to donate. Thanks for bringing awareness to this small corner of the world and its children. And thanks for blogging. :)

  26. Thanks Eden, Have donated to a great cause and popped a button link on my blog.

  27. I would LOVE a book (especially if I could get you to sign it at BlogHer) but I won't have the money to donate until later this week. That's when I get paid.

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