Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Great Escape

Last night I sat everybody down and forced them to watch What About Me? A documentary that promised to ".. explore the complexities of human nature from a global scale; revealing how we are all connected through our creativity and beliefs .. but most of all through our collective insanity."

I adored it. The kids said it was "boring but interesting" and Dave really liked the music. I kind of fell in love with this one guy in it, said to Dave, "Hon! I understand every single thing that guy is saying!" And turned to have a discussion, but he was asleep. He also slept through the parts about a woman's sexuality - I'll have to force him to watch it again. At the end I found out the guys name was Eckhart Tolle The name was familiar - he's a German spiritual healer and bestselling author. He spent much of his life depressed and suicidal, until a spiritual transformation at the age of 29.

I think the best spiritual awakenings often come from the worst pain.


Today I took Max and his two mates to the park. With their overseer, Rocco, who was drunk on the power of choosing which ducks got bread.

                               No, not you duckie! OTHER ONE DUCKIE.

I'm in a virtuous habit of driving to the apple orchard at Blackheath every Sunday. It's on a real proper farm. Ten bucks a box ... you know it's winter when the Royal Galas are at their peak. I can never shake the feeling that an apple should be a summer fruit, though. Odd.

                                               All together and CRUNCH


I was really interested in the comments on my last post. (Blogger has promised a new commenting system very, very soon. Can't WAIT to be able to reply to comments individually.) This post "But you're doing it WRONG" by Cate Bolt and this one by Corinne are fantastic. Then the Stay at Home Babe ended up writing this (which I can't comment on because disqus broke) ... and she went ten steps further, emailing Cate herself, rallying her troops, taking up the challenge. Cool stuff is in the pipeline ... I LOVE how ideas and action can flow. Stay tuned.


Lastly, my time with the Ford Territory is coming to an end. This weeks theme is Escape. Such a coincidence, as this week ... all I have wanted to do is escape!

And I did. Here, I recreated it for you.

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