Sunday, 24 July 2011

Back to Black

The demons won.

She would have tried and tried, over the years. Made promises to herself and her family. She would have thought, I can do this!

And she kept sinking back down again. Into the black.

It's a siren song. The world is hard for all of us - the junkies and alcoholics make their world so much harder.

I wish she knew that recovery was real. It exists. There are things in your life that feel more exquisite than any pill, any shot, any drink. It's true, I have seen it and felt it with
my own eyes and heart. I don't believe in a lot, in life. But I believe in this and I wish she could have too.

Fare well, Amy.


  1. Very sad. I wish she could have found her way through.

  2. I feel bad for her family mostly. The ones who actually cared.
    I wasn't a huge fan of hers but I do wish her well in her next life.
    RIP Amy x

  3. I have been so sad about this all day.

    I can't even sleep.

    I had a bit of hope she kid kick it all.
    But she was in such bad shape, I saw the footage of the show in Serbia...She couldn't even stand still.

    So horrible. And every day, she just went from high to high.

    I had wanted something to work for her.

    I had hope.

  4. So sad. I doubt anyone wakes up and wants to be an addict. It's a cruel disease. Such a waste.

  5. Said far better than I ever could Eden.

    27 years old, all that wasted talent and beauty. Just makes me feel sad.

  6. Such a loss to her family and friends, and to us as she was such a talented singer and songwriter. RIP Amy.

    Thank you for the beautiful post Eden.

  7. Great post Eden. I wish she could have too.

  8. Eden,

    I just burst into tears. You are amazing and I am proud to know you!

    You are a fucking inspiration!

  9. Thank you.

    I wrote this post out on my iPhone in the car on the way to Sydney today. Told Dave I was ".. just answering emails hon." But man I had to say SOMETHING about her.

    I am not cured. Never will be. All I have is this moment right now, sitting on the couch too late at night again.

  10. Beautiful, difficult, sad and true.

    Love your work Eden, not just the words. xxx

  11. Great post! I wish my son would know what you know! Someday maybe he will. I'm proud of you! :)

  12. perfect.

    I cannot wait to hug you. In 4 more sleeps.

  13. You just have a way of coming and saying things like no one else can, Eden!

  14. I was twenty seven when I had my first baby and got the reason I needed to be better. I really and truly shudder to think what my life would have been without her. I've been such a lucky person in so many ways. I really feel it thinking about this beautiful, clever and talented woman lost to us.

  15. So sad. Beautiful words from you Eden --- loved her jazzy voice and hoped for sooooo much more.


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