Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Road to Relief

How hot does a guy look, when he's holding a child? (Answer: VERY)


I saw a photo of this next guy recently, which melted my hardened heart.

Popular actor Erik Thomson is Ambassador for the 2011 Vicks Road to Relief Campaign. He has really put his heart into what he was doing. SPUNK.

I have not been paid in any way to write this. I went to the chemist last week to buy this pack of specially marked Vicks cough lollies:

                                                      I had to ration them

Max saw them and was all, oh mum *ahem* my throat is sore. Rocco saw Max sucking on them and laid down on the ground, coughing like a crazy man. I NEED LOLLY TOO MUM.

My kids were pretending. Sadly, there are children in the world who aren't pretending, getting sick and dying from lack of immunisation.

Every specially marked Vicks product you purchase will be paying for one child to be immunised against measles, to help in the fight against pneumonia.
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  1. I am so there! Love a man with child. And love Vicks. What an awesome cause ...

  2. I am so into this. It is easy to do and you save a life. xx

  3. Does that say BUTTER menthol? What the hell is that? Does it taste like candy? I'm trying to imagine and I can't. How much do you want to bet I can't get them here, you know for when I have a cough...*cough*cough*...

  4. I liked the Vicks facebook page to help out. Great post, Ms Eden.

  5. Its such a great cause and an easy one to support. Great they you have also widened awareness with this post!

  6. I had to google this - it DOES say butter menthol'! Australia has the Eden, Mrs. Woog AND butter menthol? This is soooooo not fair.
    btw - does anyone else see the similarities between Dave and Erik??? Hubba Hubba!!!

  7. How easy is it!
    Everyone should do it!

  8. I imagined lollipops. I forgot slang and was disappointed...

    We probably don't have the same campaign in the states...come to think of it, I've only once seen Vicks cough drops. I'd do it, if I didn't have to pay more for S&H than the drops (lollies) themselves....

    I like it though. I'd have to have my parents hold my debit cards for me

  9. I've already hit up the FB page and I'll be buying some Vicks at the chemist this arvo.
    Cough cough.

    It's Winter guys, buy them anyway! You know you'll end up needing them at some point.

  10. Vicks brings back so many childhood memories for me ... lucky us that all we had were colds. Love that through this campaign you can help out other kids who potentially have to deal with a whole lot more.

  11. Good on you for raising awareness, Eden. I've been ignoring PR emails on this subject for weeks and now I feel extremely guilty.


  12. As an aside to this awesome post, organizations like World Vision make it possible to purchse vaccinations for kids in developing worlds.

    I firmly believe in the importance of vaccinations and I think this is a wonderful cause. Great post Eden.

  13. A good cause and OMG sooo hot! Mr Rafter, hawt!

  14. i may be a psycho hormonal new mum, but that photo just killed me.

  15. Men do look hot holding a baby. The smaller the baby, and the more muscles the man has - the hotter he looks ;)
    We also have to hide the cough lollies in our house! Wonder why our boys love eating them and asking for them!


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