Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Nothing good can come from being on twitter at 2am. OR CAN IT?


  1. Edieee!
    I was wondering when you would be free for a quick skype sesh, today or tomorrow sometime?
    Anytime before next Tuesday really is fine :D
    Love soph

  2. I want one.

    Of my tweets. Duh.

    But yours would be awesome too.

    We could play a game of who tweeted this.


    What is the past tense of tweet?


    I have no idea. I just tried to take the cake out of the freezer and wondered why it was cold in there instead of hot and in the meantime my cake burnt.

    I really should be supervised at all times.

  3. Jitter is definitely more accurate, I think...

  4. That happened at 2.27am. What would you have done at 2.28am??

    Funny stuff. Maybe next Xmas you could order 487 of those and gift those to everyone.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  5. Mariah Carey totally stole her kids name from you.


  7. My favorite is the gimpy smile at the end. I'm jealous of your jitter. Mine would be too filthy for publication. Seriously, some of the shit I say on Twitter... cringe!

  8. Ha ha ha ha , OMG Eden, I was cracking up, laughing my bloody head off....you are so funny! Of course you are a bloody writer, & a bloody great one! I wish I could get a copy of that book, I would love to read all your tweets. I love that you're hiding it from Dave.....hilarious! Love this blog/vlog! Love Alisa xxx

  9. I am so Googling how to buy my own Jitter book. I am so hiding it from Andrew.

    "It's like I am a writer."

    Well, d'oh.


  10. The important question, that so far everyone else has failed to ask, is who's pubic hair was it?

    Also, if you say 2am in the morning near my husband he convulses. It's kinda fun to watch.

  11. Love this vlog, so entertaining (and you have a great laugh!). My husband had my 1st 100 blogs printed and bound into a hardcover book so yes, dammit, I'm a writer too :) Next stop, (or next edition, I should say) purchasing the Twournal hehe!

  12. love the smile at the end. too too funny. your such a cack.

    TOTALLY understand the whole hiding from husband... my husband is the same... but he doesnt know about any of my socail media slutting around... need to keep it that way. he is from a different generation to me...

  13. I want to marry you.

    It's alright, we can do it.

    Because of the different continents thing.

    Really, I checked it out.

    What a laugh.

  14. OMG that is HILARIOUS!

    Did you wet yourself reading through that?!!

  15. You are too funny lady!!! I've just caught up on a few of your vlogs and you bloody well always put a smile on my dial. You rock my world sista. I'm an avid reader, just a shite commenter. Soz. WIll pull my socks up xxx

  16. Marry me now sista. Love your fireplace....and so glad to hear I'm not the only one who can recognize my pubic hair.

    I am personally glad when you're up at 2am....that's when we met...sniff sniff.

  17. Love it! Also, can you share your secret hiding place? Have always wanted one of those, but as I don't have a husband, I need to hide things from the kids.

  18. Like 'Little Chicken' just said - I totally have to hide all evidence of my social media slutting around from my husband. And I only use FB and blogs.
    If Twitter ever gets its claws into me, I'll never be seen again.

  19. I think you're onto something here with vlog tweets. far more entertaining than the written word. but I'd never tweet again.

  20. OMG - this is AMAZING! You are now officially a published writer. True.

    I can't decide if I'd want mine or not. Scary.

    The tumbleweed? GOLD.

  21. You're so adorable I could scream!


Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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