Thursday, 12 May 2011

Web Log Entry #397

                                          Gangsigns on Bondi

I'm completely resting on my laurels, now, after yesterday post. I may never do anything meaningful again - surely I've scored a multitude of Spiritual brownie points .... enough to get me into heaven, with Buddha?
Truth is, before I met Vee in the hospital foyer on Tuesday, I couldn't find a car park. I drove around and around for forty damn minutes. I was running late, and at one point I drove into the carpark across the road. Smiled sweetly at the old guy and asked him if I was allowed to park there? "WHERE YA GOING?" Ummm, the hospital? "NUH." I drove around to get out, passing several empty spaces. Poked my head out the window - sweetly asking him, what if I was going to the chemist? "NUH. YOU'LL HAVE TO LEAVE."

I was fucking furious. And as I drove past him I twisted my whole head out of the window, and matched his tone. "WHAT ABOUT IF I'M GOING TO THE CANCER WARD?"

And I drove off, starting to cry because it was all too triggering and familiar. And I felt guilty that I just shouted at an old guy. Who's dumb idea was this? Decided to go snag a free car park at the cancer clinic. I knew that all you had to do was say your doctors name at the boom gate, and they let you in. Like magic. So I drove around there, and waited in a line of cars. Then I looked into the line of cars, and realised that I was in a line of cars of people who were all there to get their chemo. And I thought to myself, Eden - you think *you're* having a bad day.

I drove off, away from the magic boom gate. Five minutes down the road I had completely forgotten about my gratitude, gnashing my teeth in anger at the lack of spaces. It must be human nature, to take everything on the planet for granted.


This whole "blogging caper" is getting really quite big in Australia, as well as for me personally - it's been the biggest week ever. Monday night saw the launch for the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers in an art gallery at Darlinghurst. It was incredible to be with such amazing and inspiring women. I stayed at my sisters house that night, woke up on Tuesday to go to the hospital to meet Vee, waged a illegal Guerilla Art Campaign that has touched a LOT of people, raced home to pick up the boys and cook a roast dinner to prove I was still a good mother. Supervise homework, read books, chat with my beautifully prodigal stepson. Stay up until 2am blogging, then get picked up by a private car five hours later to be driven to Vaucluse for a product launch. Leaving Dave and the boys waving me off in the driveway, looking as bemused as I felt.

Mrs Woog wrote a wonderful recap of the day and what it meant to her here. I walked into the event wondering if it would be worth my while, and it was pretty bloody amazing. P&G actually flew a SCIENTIST in from overseas, to talk about the technology behind the making of their products. I saw him and thought oh, how cute - a white labcoat. But he was really a real scientist - with experiments and data and everything.

My house does not smell like shoes or farts today, because I've sprayed Ambi Pur everywhere. And this is NOT sponsored - I'm not getting paid for writing about it. I even told Dave about their "nitrogen can technology" and he laughed at me. This guy standing next to Mrs Woog is the nose behind the fragrances. His name is Jin Jun, and regaled us with stories of being in Provence, France. Gaining inspiration from bakeries, and lavender fields.

Check out Kim holding Baby GoodGoogs - Woogs, you just got photobombed by a baby!
In charge of catering yesterday was Peter Kuruvita from Flying Fish restaurant. Halfway through eating my seafood pasta, I realised how noisy and fast I was going. Like a Simpson. I really hope nobody noticed. As I was telling Peter that it was the best meal I'd had in ages and I'll make a booking for Dave and I ... Woogs and Kim from All Consuming walked up behind me, accusing me of flirting. That's the cameradierie and boldness of bloggers, man.

This is the lady behind the Mother Media event with her daughter. (There was a creche there). Thank you, Brenda!


A whirlwind week.

Out of all the things I saw, places I went, and people I met ... it is this photo that has made a lasting impression.

The comments and emails pouring in to Vee, Alexandra and I are unbelievable. Thank you.

Those two little hands resting on the canvas - is the real reason I blog. 
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