Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Oh Nicky you're so pretty.

It's only fair that the children of bloggers get to reap some bloggy benefits. This morning, Rocco rolled over and poked me with his finger to wake me up. In my bed, where he always runs to in the middle of the night. My love-seeking missile. We drove down to Sydney to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse, at a launch for the new Disney Junior channel.

I hadn't been to the Opera House since I met Bono. I miss Bono.

So - Sydney drivers - WHAT THE HELL?? I was a jittery mess by the time we arrived. Sucks to be you, city slickers. All the way in the car, Rocco kept saying he wanted to punch Mickey. I told him, repeatedly ... that he can't punch Mickey.

We ran into the Opera House and what does Rocco do? Punches Mickey. Lucky it was just a cardboard cut-out, I was so mortified and apologised to the laughing guy at the door who picked Mickey up. We turn around just in time to see the cardboard cut-out of Minnie. On the ground.

Moving quickly on, I saw Rocco run towards all the other Disney cut-out characters. My heart sank, until I realised all along that he was actually hugging them, not punching them. The PR girls and Disney people watched and laughed as he hugged all the signs. A waiter offered Rocco a choice of apple or orange juice, and then another one offered him a muffin from a silver tray. He looked at me like, MUM THIS IS AWESOME!

             You know you're at a launch in Australia when they serve vegemite sandwiches

We sat down, it was packed. Heaving with suits, mums, celebrities ... and children. All patiently listening to the official speeches before Mickey and Minnie arrived. Soon they did, with Rocco bursting into spontaneous tears. I said mate, why are you crying?

"I just need Nicky mum."

                                     Tears before playtime

He then took off. And ran straight towards him. I adore his boldness.

                                                  Hey Nicky

We went to another room with pirate games, puzzles, and prizes. It was very cute. But Rocco didn't want the pirates, he wanted Nicky. So we went back upstairs, to the celebrity section, and pretended we were celebrities. Took our places in line behind Matt Shirvington and Katrina Warren. And waited. And waited. And waited.

                                              So boooooored


                                    If I play dead, will Nicky come?

Nicky and Minnie had to have a break, by this stage Rocco was running around, punching balloons. We waited behind the velvet ropes. Suddenly Nicky was back. NICKY! NICKY! It was our turn.

We finally stood in between the world's two most famous mice and Rocco sobbed and cried so hard. What did Nicky do? He soothed him, gently patted his hand. Even the photographer stopped, came over, asked Rocco his name and helped him to stop crying, while everybody waited. I always notice when people are kind to my children, and I was so grateful. He stopped crying. Gangsigns were made.

My favourite thing is the T-Rex sticking out of my pocket. Rocco named her "Karen" apparently she has "sharkey teef mum."


It was over. Rocco hoovered up more food, and tried to climb the Opera House glass walls. "Like Spider Man mum. He will rescue you because you are a girl." I told him that girls rescue boys too, and I would rescue him. He disagreed. We argued for a bit. Neither of us backed down. Neither of us ever will.

Walked over to get a swag bag that included a Nicky Mouse doll that Rocco stuck into his mouth so hard he gagged and the PR lady kind of laughed, but had this look on her eyes like, what?

We ran some beans off. Rocco told me he wanted to jump into the water. I believed him. I knew Rocco wasn't scared of Nicky, so I asked him why he cried.

"I just love Nicky mum. I love him."

Rocco fell fast asleep after five minutes. I drove through Sydney, marvelling at her beauty. I wanted to get out and buy a notebook and new pen and sit in museum cafes and write. I wanted to explore, meander, amble, gather my thoughts and mentally take stock of my existence in the world. All those years I lived in Sydney - I never realised how gorgeous the landscape and the buildings are. I was too drunk.

Had to make do with snapping photos. Then I looked up ...

It's Centrepoint tower! Eons ago, I was offered a job at Centrepoint. With my own office and everything. I said no, because I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it. I was too drunk.

One of the biggest regrets in my life, is never having a career. Just a succession of really crappy jobs. I looked at all the buildings, snapping photos like a crazy tourist. SYDNEY IS AMAZING! Who knew? I was so excited I did a short video.

In conclusion: I almost got decapitated in traffic today, Rocco loves Nicky, Sydney is aching to be explored, never be afraid to look stupid.

And lastly: I am so glad I'm not drunk anymore. Well I am. DRUNK ON LIFE, BABY.


  1. I'm a country bumpkin too, always looking up baby.

    I LOVE how that kid has 17million dinosaurs in his hands and I LOVE you and your blog posts.

  2. I love being a country/beach bumpkin/bum ... and have reveled in looking up on my trips to Sydney this year. Can't wait for next one.

  3. you're so fine you blow my mind...oh nicky!

  4. I love your Rocco! Oh how I wish Boo and I were with you, how fun. Hey Sisterman we will have to organise a trip to our gorgeous city together, I love it too.

  5. This makes me Sydney sick. I got the lovely husband (a Sydney boy born and bred) to read - he tells me that you and your boy are both spunks and that you must be a cool chick to snap and drive all the while...I told him you were.


  6. Nicky isn't holding his waistcoat in that pic, he's knuckle bumping himself. Cos he can.

  7. Aaaw. Gorgeous Rocco with such a sweet heart, and rockin Eden hangin at the house with the mice! Awesome to hear you drunk on life. Thank you for sharing your day with us. It made me a little Sydney sick yet happy I have my Mountain haven to return to..

  8. As if I could ache to visit MORE??

    You are bold my friend. In the best way. I learn a lot from you.

    Been thinking of you lately.



  9. I choked up at your little man loving so much to the point of tears.
    I planned to go to Sidney after high school, but I was unable to escape my duties as a good college bound daughter. so I went to said college and proceeded to screw up royally instead.
    An unfulfilled trip to look forward to.
    cheers to your life drunk. xoxo

  10. He named her Karen! HA :)

    This is a wonderful post, Eden.

    Thanks for that.

  11. Oh that sweet boy. The way you write about your boys (all three), you make me want to have one of my own even though they're scary and stinky and punch things and sometimes even poo on things!

  12. That made me laugh, what a great story. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Awwww!! Rocco, I just love you!!!!!!

  14. What a beautiful city and I love Rocco's enthusiasm for life.

  15. He is too cute. Talk about too much excitment for one little boy. It's hard when you love someone (or some mouse) so much.

  16. I also never had a career, my biggest regret as well. Opted to be a stay-at-home mom. At 40 years old (and 5 kids later), I started bartending. Four years later, still at it. So as you can see, I have put my college degree to good use. :) Just out of curiosity, what kind of job did you turn down because you were too drunk?

  17. Fucking Google!!!! Ate my comment. Won't let me use my account that I'm logged into. Grrrrr!!! a from

    Anyway, as I was reading this post, Bono was on American Idol. Holy shit!

    I love how you and Minnie look sympatico in that picture, while Mickey looks all creepy.

    You don't have to be a country bumpkin to enjoy looking up. I grew up in Chicago, and I still love driving downtown and enjoying the dizzying experience of watching the tops of the buildings drift by. It's easier when you're a passenger though. :)

  18. I truly adore this post. I wish I could write like this. you have a gift eden.
    Dont have regrets. What you didnt do in life, only makes you who you are today. It puts you on the road you are on now- which btw is a superstar mom and blogger.
    Love you lots.

  19. I am also a reader of Gemini girl, and you write amazingly as well!! You both have the to write such beautiful posts!! I love the Nicky post!! Go Nicky Mouse! And since the comments are off on the horses post, I wanted to comment on that here. I SO get that, love horses. And fresh ones?? OOOOOHHHH- Even better! I will keep on searching for the fresh horses. Lisa

  20. Love your pictures! Reading this post (plus a couple of other things to happen yesterday) has made me miss Sydney with a sickening thud.

    As for Sydney drivers, I USED to think they weren't so great... then I moved to LA. I have no words for how these people drive. Well, one - scary!

  21. I just read that joyful & "boy full" post with love in my heart for you, Rocco, and how your life has moved to a different & happier place ... You!
    Sydney's been my home since 1959 on & off, and I "still" find new and old buildings to look up at, and marvel at the rich & poor & office worker ants going about their day... And I too have an obsession with taking pics as I'm driving .. Will THIS now be outlawed?

  22. So great. I used to live near Orlando FL, I got tired of Mickey, but now you made me love him (and Minnie) through the eyes of Rocco.

    OMG I love the pic with you and M&M and the Dino in you pocket making gang signs. BIG SMILE

    You are so my lost sister!

    Keep serving the Magic, I can't get enough.


  23. Just one question: Do you know someone called Karen and does she have sharkey teef?

    You sold me on the looking up thing (which I do... I shall never live in a city or even close to one). But I'm not so sold on Sydney. No offense intended.

  24. Oh Rocco, I think I just wet my pants. That boy's got a lotta love to give.

  25. Eden I love you. I do not throw that word around either. What you share here renews my faith.

  26. Really great blog. My friends referred me your site. Looks like everyone knows about it. I'm going to read your other posts. Take care. Keep sharing.


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