Thursday, 5 May 2011

imagine if ...

.. you could solve a world problem using imagination and technology. What would it be?

I was asked this by Microsoft, and my answer is including in the following video. Along with no makeup that I tried to counter-balance with a SIDE PONY TAIL.

I adore Stephan's answer at the end.

The video was played this morning at an event announcing that Australia has won the bid to host the 2012 Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals. The crowd watching it today included Jessica Watson, the Honourable Peter Garrett, dignitaries, sports stars, and innovators.

Being a mother, I focused on educating our young digital natives about their footprints ... the ones playing games on the internet, the ones who haven't hit social networking sites. Yet.

In Bill Gates' words, the basis of the Imagination Cup:

"As I travel to different countries I often get a chance to talk with students, and when I do I’m often very impressed by their passion for helping solve some of the world’s toughest problems. To encourage them and get them even more involved in finding solutions, Microsoft created the Imagine Cup, which is now in its ninth year. As I wrote about last year’s competition, hundreds of thousands of students around the world participate in the Imagine Cup by coming up with creative solutions to big social and environmental problems like education and literacy, disaster relief, environmental sustainability and global healthcare."


Bill Gates is the richest, coolest, most philanthropic nerd in the world. In 2008 he stepped down from CEO of Microsoft and now works full-time for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation  - it enhances healthcare and reduces extreme poverty on a global level. You know, small things.

(I wonder if Bill and Melinda's children have to hide their iPods under their beds at night?)


Australia is one of the leading countries in the world in social media ... to my knowledge, we have no education or programs in schools about it, no lessons in navigating this huge internet that has no end.

Someone should get on that ... or else, someone's going to end up on a video wearing a side ponytail that they *think* looks cute but in reality just shows up their age spots even more.

Official Imagine Cup Australia Website
Microsoft Australia Flickr
MSFT Imagine Cup on Twitter


  1. Oh poo, you and your age spots.. ha ha ha i cant see em. love the side ponytail but doesnt it throw off your balance?

  2. OMFG my pride in you just increased by a gazillion! LOVE this concept, LOVE your take, LOVE your age spots, and you totally are trying to look like your 10yo niece with the side pony (and you almost get away with it). You rock Eddie Riley xxx

  3. Oh, Eden, you rock that ponytail and I'm so loving the scarf. Best of all loved your message. Have I told you lately ... you rock!

  4. Eden you are a classic! You make me laugh & feel everytime I read your posts. I love getting my Eden fix. Keep em coming. X Pauline

    p.s. I got Linda & Leigh mixed up on Video. Must be losing my touch.

  5. Eden, SO Powerful!... amongst Giants your words were SO Right !... SO need to be acted upon by all of us who are educating our young people, Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Power Brokers,CEO's, Prime Ministers and Presidents etc....SO Well done!... we are SO proud of you... You continue to be SO Amazing.... Love Mum and Jim xxx

  6. I agree - great answer, really beautifully expressed. I love your manner when you speak formally. I was disappointed by the side pony tail though. I expected something potruding at a right angle from your head, '80s-style. Maybe next time you could go for one of those ultra high pony tails with a hot pink scrunchie?

  7. Yay you! Great job! I like the ponytail :)

  8. You write and I understand, you speak and I hear! Thank you for being you and saying what I want said so eloquently.

    And yes, water is a BIG deal.

    Loving your side ponytail and your age spots!

  9. Wow, I love it, it's fab, the whole time I was watching it I was like god I hope this will be an ad on tv, cause I can say omg I know that hot chick with red hair, yeah the chick with the side ponytail.....& I think ur lipgloss/lipstick looks great too. Seriously, most of all I love ur words......You r great Eden & I loved seeing u & Max today, thanks babe, love from me xxx

  10. Right on! Well done, indeed.

  11. Great job with this. I agree that there DOES need to be more education regarding the use of social media - for kids as well as adults. The webs can be a wonderful place, but there needs to be a light shone on the shadows as well.

    btw, you are ROCKIN' that ponytail, girl!

  12. Famous woman.. You spoke beautifully on the topic & I agree about the "lessons" needed about Social Media. In education, ironically, the kids would be able to beat the teachers as Social Media experts.
    There are, thank goodness, some excellent & passionate techies in the teaching & consulting field "putting the messages" out thru media such as blogs, twitter & on-line discussion. Turning teachers & parents around to see beyond the white buds in the ear access to technology, and finally generations may interact in real time even when disconnected by circumstances.

  13. I'm going to MAKE myself LIVE LARGE, like you.

    Yes. I am.

    This is my year.

  14. P.S. Anyone not clicked the Eden Channel yet?


    Her American accented "asshole squirrels, moms." Kills me.

    Have to watch it again.

  15. Awesome Job!!! And always remember you are beautiful inside and out!

  16. Very cool! And even though I'm an American I still know who Stephan Elliot is (because I'm a TV Production major and movie junkie).

    BTW dear Eden, below is the address to another blog that should make you smile. The page in particular is one of my favorite posts by the author :D

  17. Oh great now my girl crush on you is even bigger!!
    I absoloutly agree with your statement, there isn't enough education for the young folks, or even we elderly peeps.

  18. How awesome is this!?! Pretty cool!


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