Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Burnouts and Donuts

You know that scene in the first Toy Story where Woody realises that Andy's birthday party is today and he has to tell all the toys? And after the meeting he says it last as an afterthought? "Oh and one minor thing .... Andy's birthday party has been moved to today."

Well, I am in the Top 5 Kidspot Bloggers. Sometime this week a Ford Territory will be delivered to my house for me to drive for a month. Because, I'm a blogger. And that's what bloggers do?

This makes me feel happy, amazed, embarrassed, and proud. Thanks to everybody who voted for me. The email came through on Sunday night and I was sitting on the couch with Dave and Max. I freaked. Dave is incredibly stoked. He said he should use it for a work car for the month, because, "You used my story hon so it's kind of mine."

For the next six weeks I'm to write a post each week on a given theme. This weeks theme is "My first car" ... Dave instantly started formulating blog posts. "To carry on the theme of it being about me, hon." Then he sat next to me on the couch looking at my computer screen, asking me that question that a lot of you know all too well, the one that chills your bones .... "How does twitter work?"

So, thank you. And buckle up - things MAY get interesting. Guerilla car tactics will be involved. I promise. Poor Ford.

For a full list of the Top 50, click HERE.
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