Monday, 30 May 2011

Autumn Leaves. Winter Arrives.

Brace yourself baby ... it's gonna be a cold one.

Thank goodness for snuggies, thermal underwear, ugg boots, slankets, and beanies. And hot water bottles. And cuddly stinky boys - we have *plenty* of those.


  1. You are too funny! We are just having our first typical summer type day - not terribly hot, but so humid it's hard to breathe. I'm almost ready for those autumn leaves...

  2. Bracing myself 1/2 way around the world - it's going to be 105 here. And there's a limit to how naked a 55 yr old woman should be.

  3. Eden you are gorgeous.

    I'll bet the neighbors get a kick out of seeing you in your yard putting on little skits for the video camera. hahaha...

  4. Would you think little of me if I were to say we are coming into my favourite season?

    Because if you do, I will fix that with the comment:

    "You bloody rock Eden!"

  5. Oh, I so need to invest in a Snuggie. The fluffy dressing gown just isn't cutting it! ;)

  6. You are too funny. We've already had multiple days over 90 degrees. I'm not ready for the sweltering heat.

  7. Nominated you here, my fantastic woman:

    blogHer voice of the year

  8. Lol. LOVE Autumn and Spring. HATE Summer. Want to love winter (because I can't bear being hot, makes me physically ill - lupus) but the cold is horrible on my arthritis. So I'm with you, put the leaves back on PLEASE!

    (At least Brisbane doesn't get as cold as the Blue Mountains).

  9. Dude.

    I live in MINNESOTA in the USA where it is usually colder than GODDAMN SIBERIA.

    And we have easily six solid months of hard core winter.

    But you know? It makes you believe in the miracle of spring and renewal. I curse it every year and every year when the leaves re-emerge I can't help but marvel again -- just when everything seemed dormant for so long.

    So brace yourself, cozy in, regenerate, drop your leaves...go dormant -- and let yourself renew. You already are blooming lady -- but just imagine the spring ahead of you.

    Trading seasons with you,



  10. I hear it is sunny in California....

  11. You rock your street I Imagine!!
    Hello! Blue Mountain=cold..
    But mostly I want to say this:
    You wrote best ever post title for Autumn.
    Clever thing!!!

  12. I looked up at our trees and realised you need to move here. Leaves are all still stuck on. Except frangipani trees x

  13. Hilarity!! Long live the Snuggie and if you haven't heard of it, the Hoodie Footie!! :D


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