Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Transcribing the World

There's mushrooms growing wild all over my front garden. I'm compelled to kick every single one I see, so that Dave won't get any tumours back. It's a superstition thing that I can't stop. I got back from a big weekend, and they were EVERYWHERE. I have to smoosh my shoe up in their stalks, to get all of them out - properly, not half-arsed. Otherwise I panic that my husband will die. It's awesome being me.

I have so much to say, it's all pounding in my heart like a drum but I can't get the rhythm out. On Saturday I was lucky enough to go to the Inaugural Australian Bloggers Conference ... twitter become more than twitter usually is. It morphed into Twitter Planet. The whole thing was a watershed moment for us Aussie bloggers.

I was freaking out, sweaty, stinky, rushed, unorganised, and guilty about leaving my boys. It was wonderful, cohesive, amazing. The people, the connections, the love, the tears ..... the whole Mabo vibe of the thing.

Blogging world, Australia has arrived.


The day before, I heard Mia Freedman from mamamia talk about the Road to Relief campaign. It was wonderful to see how social media down here is being used to raise awareness of important issues. I love this. I loved meeting Mia too ... Mrs Woog told me to give her a wedgie but I didn't. I am *way* too classy for that, and just kind of poked her bum instead.

Mia ... I instagrammed this photo because it was like we were in a competition about who looked more tired. You're welcome!


The conference was held just down from the Coke sign. Temptation was close .... so I didn't leave the building for two days. Problem solved!

..... ok I need to finish writing this post, and I haven't even STARTED writing it. Here is a link to all posts written about it so far. I wish I could link to every single other person who was there ... all 169 of you. I loved being in that room with you all. And guess what - every day since I have been thinking and thinking ... what is it, about blogging that is so magic?

I realised what it is after I "accidentally" came across this Mariel Hemingway quote yesterday:

"... if you're aware in anything you do - it changes you. Being present changes you."

Bingo, baby. That's why blogging has helped and changed me, and so many others. Blogging forces you to be present.

Blogging is the BEST.


I read out a post called "How to Live." Wearing my good luck red cowboy boots, a black manicure, and a FIFTY DOLLAR blowdry. After the weekend, my hair is back to its dumb, frizzy self.

But my Heart remains changed.
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