Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Transcribing the World

There's mushrooms growing wild all over my front garden. I'm compelled to kick every single one I see, so that Dave won't get any tumours back. It's a superstition thing that I can't stop. I got back from a big weekend, and they were EVERYWHERE. I have to smoosh my shoe up in their stalks, to get all of them out - properly, not half-arsed. Otherwise I panic that my husband will die. It's awesome being me.

I have so much to say, it's all pounding in my heart like a drum but I can't get the rhythm out. On Saturday I was lucky enough to go to the Inaugural Australian Bloggers Conference ... twitter become more than twitter usually is. It morphed into Twitter Planet. The whole thing was a watershed moment for us Aussie bloggers.

I was freaking out, sweaty, stinky, rushed, unorganised, and guilty about leaving my boys. It was wonderful, cohesive, amazing. The people, the connections, the love, the tears ..... the whole Mabo vibe of the thing.

Blogging world, Australia has arrived.


The day before, I heard Mia Freedman from mamamia talk about the Road to Relief campaign. It was wonderful to see how social media down here is being used to raise awareness of important issues. I love this. I loved meeting Mia too ... Mrs Woog told me to give her a wedgie but I didn't. I am *way* too classy for that, and just kind of poked her bum instead.

Mia ... I instagrammed this photo because it was like we were in a competition about who looked more tired. You're welcome!


The conference was held just down from the Coke sign. Temptation was close .... so I didn't leave the building for two days. Problem solved!

..... ok I need to finish writing this post, and I haven't even STARTED writing it. Here is a link to all posts written about it so far. I wish I could link to every single other person who was there ... all 169 of you. I loved being in that room with you all. And guess what - every day since I have been thinking and thinking ... what is it, about blogging that is so magic?

I realised what it is after I "accidentally" came across this Mariel Hemingway quote yesterday:

"... if you're aware in anything you do - it changes you. Being present changes you."

Bingo, baby. That's why blogging has helped and changed me, and so many others. Blogging forces you to be present.

Blogging is the BEST.


I read out a post called "How to Live." Wearing my good luck red cowboy boots, a black manicure, and a FIFTY DOLLAR blowdry. After the weekend, my hair is back to its dumb, frizzy self.

But my Heart remains changed.


  1. I'm sure one of the conference tweets I read said that when commenting you need to do more than


    but fuck it


  2. I was so proud of you up there. I am so proud of you in general. I sense how close the tempatation was/is. You are present. And you are a gift. xxx

  3. Nice. As always. I do not know how you can write like this but let me know if you can.

    Mrs Woog

  4. I am so so glad that you didn't leave anything out of your blog reading.

  5. I looooooved your speech, Eden! I read it when it first went up but it was so very different hearing it read out loud.
    And it was fkn awesome laughing my ass off at the GSK drinks with you and Lori xxx

  6. Stamping out those damn mushrooms could be such a fine metaphor for life and they do seem insidious when you tell it.

    Glad you did well. Glad your heart was open enough to be changed.

  7. I loved your reading darling, and I loved that you included Lori in it...you were all class, right up to the dancing on the stage. And thank you for finally confirming to my critics that I am not just crap at taking photos, I have a crap camera! I am a little bit in love with you, but in a non-creepy and non-stalky way. Kind of.

  8. Inspirational! You make me want to jump on a couch and punch the air. It was awesome meeting you, the conference was incredible!

  9. I totally cried during your reading on Saturday

  10. Eden, you rocked those red boots and the black mani. Actually, you rocked full-stop. LOVED meeting you.

  11. Hi Eden, we only met on the dance floor at about 10pm and I am sorry about that. Your speech moved me so deeply and i have gone back to it in my mind so many times. I'll be here reading. Giant love to you xx

  12. Lovely post! Black nailpolish always makes me feel better, go figure.

  13. I don't think I've really properly said thank you for the time you spent chatting with me at the conference.

    I am changed from my experience at AusBlogCon but I am also changed from my time with you.

    You have an amazing heart, and an amazing gift for making people feel heard and understood - I know that, from the way you made me feel & from reading all the comments on your posts. Such a precious thing.

    I came home and read your speech, it just didn't feel the same without you reading it.

    Then I printed it out and read it to one of my besties - and was crying before I got to the end. Definitely one that needs to be spoken aloud.

    Thank you again hun. You're awesome xx

  14. Eden, keeping it real since...Rocktober, Eleventy-six (erm, not sure how old you are). Love you and your from-the-heart honesty. Want me to help you kick mushrooms?

  15. Love the good luck red boots, reds my fave colour, great post.

  16. I read this post twice, trying to figure out why I like you so much.


    It's because you blog for the same reason I do:

    it saved my life.

    Also: never underestimate the power of a black manicure, and a 50 dollar blowdry.

  17. A 50 dollar blowdry? Better than a 50 dollar blow job (which is how I read that!).

    You MADE the conference. Best. Blogger. Ever.

  18. I'm sure you were fantastic!

    You know what's a suprisingly fun time waster? Getting a garden trowel and a dustpan and flinging the mushrooms onto the dustpan with the trowel. It's like a game of sorts. And it kills the mushrooms. Sounds like a good activity to do with a certain couple of boys...

  19. You rocked mah world woman.


    (and WTF am I doing in that pic? It looks like I am having a nap)

  20. Hair, boots, nails......everything looked hot, u looked hot, I'm getting black nail polish next time!
    I'm so glad u had a great weekend Eden, u deserve a great weekend. What fun with all ur blogger peeps.
    I have mushrooms in my front garden & they shit me too! \ m /. xxxxxxx

  21. I'M GLAD I FOUND YOUR BLOG! Keep up the great work!!

    Common Cents

  22. Congrats on the Blog of Note mention!!! Great blog and keep it up!

  23. Hi Eden, Wish I had gotten to speak with you this year. Felt like it was all over so quickly! You are wonderful and I'll make sure next year, I whisk you off into a corner and have a chat. xxx Bern

  24. Love the cow boy boots and your hair looks fantastic

  25. I admired this line "if you're aware in anything you do - it changes you. Being present changes you."....
    Love your work and it will change you for the better. Writing is my fashion and it changes me.
    You deserved this. I know there were many temptations in one's life. It really up to the person to resisit that temptations.

  26. Congrats on the blog of note - that's how I came to your blog. I'd sure love to be involved in a blogging conference where I am. I also enjoyed your post "How to Blog".


  27. Eden I don't remember much of the conference itself. I was insanely tired. But what I do remember is you saying: 'it's a no brainer' at the Road to Relief lunch AND a great deal of your incredible speech on Saturday. Damn, but you have a gift with words.

  28. Eden, if I could have bottled your spirit, I would have. But that would be greedy and hoggy of me, even if I did find a way. It sounds soooo trite, but I really mean this: You are such a gift to everyone around you.

    I wish we could really had good chats. I totally wanted to. But I kinda got a little teeny bit star struck (of everyone there, your star struck me most! now THAT is dorky).

  29. and apparently, I can't even finish my own sentences now, I'm just blathering. Of course, you know I meant to type "I wish we could have had really good chats sometime over the course of the conference and Friday night"

    Randomly hitting keys since 1975

  30. See the power of positive thinking within you. God bless you.

  31. I just wanted to let you know that this weblog is being featured on Five Star Friday! http://www.schmutzie.com/fivestarfriday/2011/3/25/five-star-fridays-142nd-edition-is-brought-to-you-by-seth-go.html


Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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