Friday, 4 March 2011

Playing Chicken

I don't have computer access right now, and can't seem to upload any Seljuks guestposts I have baking. I have so much to tell you, but don't want to run the risk of getting all Charlie Sheen on your arse. (He is clean and sober, during those rambling interviews.)

I can't upload any pics from my iPhone straight onto my blog - YET, hey Google? *cough* New App* cough

So I thought, I know. The chicken post! I'll just link up to it, easy. So I delved into my old blog to find that I'd written the chicken post almost three years ago. When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Rocco. (Monkey). And in the chicken post, is a big spiel on being concerned about holding him after the birth. Thats all I was worried about .... Dave would have just started growing babies of his own, his adorable little tumours awwwwwww look, the tumours have my nose!

You can plan away in life all you like, but Forrest is right. You never know watcha gonna get.


I'm at my MILs house right now, annoying her with questions on why she never lets "any of her boys" clean up in the kitchen. Sometimes I say things just to piss her off. She's welcome. Forrest Gump is actually on, I called Max as I've always wanted him to see it. The scene where Forrest is running and running, getting chased by bullies. And then his metal leg braces just fall clean off.

I cried. My leg braces fell off this week too. I am getting stronger and better and faster every single day. Fact: I've had some kind of spiritual open heart surgery; they found I had more Light inside me than darkness.

Who knew.

Here it is. The true tale of the chicken that was too tasty for its own good.
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