Wednesday, 9 March 2011

It Takes a Cyber Village

This is Alex - a really cool L.A. photographer/writer/artist. Goddamn cutiepie.

Alex and I collaborated on an art piece together ... and we didn't even know it.

She is an extraordinary woman. I'm going to meet her in San Diego in August ... she's an official BlogHer photographer. When I hug her, I'm not sure that I can ever let her go.

Alex - mate, thank you so much for this post. (I needed it today. Today has been hard) .


It Takes a Cyber Village
I don’t blog. Not on a blog of my very own. Yet. But I guest blog and I contribute at BlogHer, and I end up being asked the question that I assume real bloggers, like Eden, must get all the time: why blog?

And I think of Howard’s End and the opening line “Only connect…”


A year ago, I’d never visited this site. Last summer (that’s summer in Los Angeles/winter in Edenland) BlogHer was teaming artists and bloggers in a benefit for the Gulf oil spill. As a writer/photographer, I signed up on the artist’s end. I was sent an excerpt from a blog to work with. The words were Eden’s. Maybe you know the story. If not, Eden wrote a couple wonderful posts about it here. (Go and read it so that the rest makes sense. I’ll wait.)

Part One - No Kittens
Part Two - Dave Cries

When I read Eden’s blog for the first time, I was speechless. Me, Little Miss Chatterbox, at a loss for words after I saw these ones: B-Cell Follicular Aggressive Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. No one should be able to say that string of words so easily. And no one should have to know what they mean.

I have no idea why I put that red balloon photo in the collage. A photo never meant for any purpose but to remind me of the magnificent cousin I lost to that stupid jumble of words above.

This last autumn (spring on Eden’s side of the globe) I was able to take a photo of a different balloon. It was the most hopeful, joyful, proud balloon I’ve ever seen. One sporting a Yves Saint Laurent tag and proudly paraded for miles in celebration of Dave and Eden and their boys at the Light the Night walk. It’s the balloon that kicked cancer’s ass.

In a world that keeps getting larger and growing faster, the blogosphere seems to be reigning things in a bit. Reminding us all that this world really isn’t so big. From around the globe, friendships are forged, lives shared - a village gathers with the click of a mouse.

It takes a village to navigate through life.

Check out the incredible dialogue about mental health that began with this post over at the818. Or the Christmas miracle that came via The Bloggess .

Look at the village Eden has created - amazing guest posters who are here because Edenland brought them together.

If you ever begin to lose faith in humanity, just take a look at what the blogosphere has created. Something’s happening here.

Only connect. Forster had no idea.


Alex Asher Sears Photography
Alex on twitter




    Proof .... of exactly what, I'm not sure. Proof of something Bigger. Alex ... wait til I email you a dastardly beautiful plan. HINT: It's to do with creativity, hope, art, and cancer. You are so totally in.

    Love ya mate XOXOXOOXX

  2. What a beautiful post! I wholeheartedly agree -- and Eden, I tried to buy that at the ebay auction! I was going to send it to you -- but I was outbid HAHAHA!

    It is a beautiful piece -- both the photo and the post -- and I love the amazing, searing serendipity here -- there is no such thing as coincidence...





  4. Oh Pam ... you were outbid by ME, but when I tried to arrange for the shipping it somehow fell through *nervous laugh* So now I don't really know where it is. I think it's in Texas ... where all good art should be. xox

  5. What a gorgeous post. I LOVE this. And there is so much beautiful community and support in the blogosphere. I've seen it and experienced it first hand. It's gorgeous. It's a new phenomenon of our age. x

  6. What do you mean you never received the piece!?! Let's see what we can do about that.

    Thank you for inviting me to be a part of Edenland today - I'm honored.

  7. Lovely. I love these connections, these threads that link us. Cool stuff happens when we put our emotions out there.

  8. So, so, so true. Thank you Alex and Eden. The closeness I feel to people through my blog is more than that which I have experienced in previous years, even when I've been surrounded physically by people. If that makes any sense...

  9. Being Me: That absolutely makes sense .... I feel a lot closer to fake people in the computer than IRL people. I started reading your latest post at 2am this morning but had to stop coz of the goosebumps - my GOD. Will read it properly today.

    Alex: *nervous cough* Well, the Universe has been minding it for me. I won the bid, but couldn't pay until they confirmed the postage, which I emailed them about a few times. And then ummmmm, life happened. But it's totally on my to-do list. Under: THINGS THAT ARE MORE VALUABLE THAN MONEY. See? I fully suck at life.

  10. I love inducing goosebumps! heh-heh.. but yeah, not the best one to read alone at 2am ;P

  11. Life comes before international postal headaches. Would be great if we could get it to you (if I could somehow get it to BlogHer you'd have to schlep it back on the plane - do they even allow glass on flights? Ugh, what a hassle.) File under: this is more complicated than it really should have to be.

  12. What a lovely post. I love Forster. "Only connect" is how I want to live.

    I have a friend who may not make it through her lymphoma. Please keep her in your thoughts.


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