Saturday, 19 February 2011

My Weekend Rewind

Allison lives in a pink, 1960's fibro house, therefore her blog is called "Life in a Pink Fibro." How cool is that?! Every weekend she does this thing called Weekend Rewind, where she gets people to dust off old blog entries.

Today she asked what people were doing last June .... so I had a snoop in my archives, and came up with the time I blogged about my affair. (I would like to clarify that the cigarette in the picture is a fake one I bought from the costume hire shop .... I tricked Dave when he got into the car once, pretended I was puffing away. He's not easily tricked, but I got him a BEAUTY.)

PS Thank you very much for the comments and emails from my last post. Now let's never speak of it again. Until the next time I'm all messed up. HAH.


  1. Oh my, that was hysterical. I love that you took those photos. It's the kind of thing I would want to do, but wouldn't, because I might look silly walking a kitchen appliance on a leash. Gasp!

  2. Check your email!!



  3. Hi there :)
    just stopping by to say I am excited about meeting you at the Aussie Blogger's Conference in March!


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