Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Jellybean Poo(l)

This morning, the four of us drove to a waterhole, to go swimming before it got too hot. I love summer.

I had visions of a fun morning. I'd even thought to cut up watermelon and bring it along - and I am *so* not that kind of mother. We arrived to a haze ... of cigarette smoke. It was eleven in the morning and I had to move empty beer bottles out of the way before we could sit on our towels. I was cranky at Dave, who was cranky at Max, who was cranky at Rocco. Happy Australia Day!

 ..... who sat there, oblivious, eating a whole punnet of strawberries. Intermittently screaming out "JELLY BEANS!" Because we were at the Jellybean Pool. And I know him so well, that I bought a packet of jellybeans too. I knew he would be expecting them.

Max watched teenagers jumping off the rock. We all went in for a swim. I don't like waterholes - not being able to see where I swim; standing on leaves and sticks, murkiness. I wanted to shout out, "MIRANDA!" But nobody, least of all Dave, would get my joke.


Rocco did the BIGGEST POO in his swimmer nappy and I didn't know so started taking it off. Sat him down on the towel really quickly, mouthing to Dave frantically. POO. Dave sighed .... but totally saved the day, helped me rip the sides down, acting normal so nobody would stare at us. He stood him up while I quickly wiped his backside with the towel and wrapped the nappy up in it - all in one quick motion. We laughed .... Rocco's poo incident of the day breaking the ice between us.

I knew it was time to leave when the teenagers started yelling out to each other across the water .... "Chuck us a cigarette ya softc*ck!"

On the way back we passed this shop and laughed heartily again, at the beautiful Australiana display - I liked the tissue box cover the most.

Before we got back to the car I threw the whole nappy/towel package in the garbage bin. It just couldn't be saved. Police and ambulances then fled past, and I wondered if somebody got hurt jumping off the rocks. I hope not.


Now THIS is Australian ... Bliss N Eso singing "Addicted."

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