Wednesday, 19 January 2011

God Bites Boy; Satan Almost Bites Woman.


I did a vlog instead of writing this stuff down ... that way, I'm not putting words out onto the internet forever. I can just delete the video. When I'm all "normal" and regret saying what I said.

When Rocco was in Bali, he kept trying to climb up onto this one special temple. I told him no, no - it's very special, he wasn't allowed. He broke free from my arms, ran up onto it, tripped, and scraped all up his arms. God bit him. The Balinese people laughed.

Here's some pictures .... my goodness Bali is a spectacle. Rocco went pretty well on the plane. Sort of.

He loved the pool.

I didn't love the coffee so much, but it looked good.

Tiered rice fields.

A crazy shop mannequin.

Rocco really knows how to put the coco in Coco Pops.

Really safe and legitimate, I'm sure.

He climbed on everything. In the end I gave up caring .... that's when God bit him.

Then they just tried to bite each other.

I may be completely sober, but I can still dance in a birdcage in a nightclub at Kuta at 3am in the morning. MUTTON!

Max and I, on the bike. We both got Bali belly, and took it in turns on the toilets, passing like ships in the night.

At the coffee plantation.

Highway Patrol ..... I felt *SO* safe!

Monkey - meet Monkey.

The architecture is just so beautiful and open.

Redemption doesn't hurt at ALL!!


His name was Jordan. He was thirteen - I bet he had the cutest knobbly knees.

The Red Cross Queensland Relief Appeal.


So you're a recovering addict? Golf clap, dude.

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