Monday, 13 December 2010

Day of the Trike

A big box arrived.

Still scarred from his big brother’s recent birthday where he didn’t get to open ANY presents, Rocco almost tackled the big box. “MINE!”
Luckily, it was his .... a really cool, brand new, Smart-Trike Zoo 3-in-1, courtesy of Smart-Trike and Australia’s own Mother Media.

He ripped the paper open, eyes wide. I called Dave out to help me put it up. “Hon, I’ll do it – can you just point me in the right direction?” (Knowing full well that he would take over and put together the whole thing, like he always does.)

Rocco ran around the back deck. “My motorbike. MY MOTORBIKE!” He grabbed the cargo holder and put it on his head, launching into a rousing rendition of Bob the Builder.

Grabbed the seat. "MASK! I a monster, mummy. BOO!"

It wasn’t even assembled yet, and already providing loads of entertainment! He even helped dada put it all together.

At one point, Dave forgot the mudguard, had to unscrew it and put it on. Rocco started to cry. “Don’t you break my bike, daddy. It’s MINE!”

Finally, it was done. It took about ten minutes to put together, which was pretty cool.

I told Dave I’d be reviewing it here, asked him what he thought.

“Well hon ... I’m a little disappointed in the turning circle. How can he do burnouts?” He was not joking, at all. I am actually pretty *glad* our two year old can’t do burnouts. Yet.

But he can transport his precious cargo.

Dave assembled the trike to suit a 2-year old ... the great thing about the Smart-Trike is it can suit children from the age of 10 months, with three different ways it can be assembled:

The trikes are $179, they come with a drink holder, phone, sun shade, bag, and four great designs to choose from.

Rocco is allowed to keep his trike – thank goodness. Imagine trying to take this away?

Disclosure: We received this trike for free, courtesy of Smart-Trike (That link is showing some great online deals.)


  1. Look at that smile on his face!! Gorgeous!

  2. Now, if his smile is not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is!

  3. What a great plug! If we were looking for a trike I'd try to strong arm the hubby into buying one. : )

    (Why are they on sale in AUS but not the US? Not that I need one but really ToysRUs, why the discrepancy?)

  4. He is SO happy on that trike!! What a little cutie pie!

  5. Nice post Eden. Glad he enjoyed the trike.

  6. Rocco is really too, too cute. And the bike is awesome.


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