Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day Eve

It is done.

Things went from this:

To this:

From this:

To this:

A rare reflective moment:

Santa Claus bore gifts featuring a certain favourite spaceman:

My sister Leigh's daughter Billie is a gifted artist, at the ripe old age of seven. She continued to colour in long after the other cousins swung on swings and played in pools:

Tommy, Joe, and Max. Three rough-house stinky boys, all punching and rumbling:

Linda and Dave:

Linda, Leigh and my mum all gave me the best Christmas present I have received in years ..... I got to be a GUY on Christmas morning, and go with all the husbands out on the boat. While they all stayed behind and prepared the banquet of Kings.

I've had a tricky time, the past few months ..... bottles of wine have whispered to me. Beer has mocked me. I ignored them, of course ... but still. It's not something I wanted to admit, especially on my blog. So don't tell anyone. Staying sober can still be a weeny bit hard. I hate the feeling that I'm missing out. "I can create my own fun!" I keep telling myself. "I met Bono! I can do anything!" "Do more meetings!!"
So I did and I have and it's all ok, of course. My sobriety remains unbroken and I choose to continue on this path. But I just wanted a bit of fun ... some time out, instead of staying in the hot and sweaty kitchen being a slave. (Can't the boys cook, one year?)

I was given a day pass out. My brother, brothers-in-law, husband, and stepson all had a go before me. Twisting and turning on the wakeboard and kneeboard, jumping around off the boat in Gymea Bay. I was giddy with freedom - they were all, "This is so awesome! Let's go faster!" I was all, "This is so awesome! I don't have to cook."

Then it was my turn. I jumped into the water and screamed. "SHAAAAARRRRRRRRK!!!!!" There wasn't one, but it felt like there was. I nearly got out, but told myself to just get hardcore. So I did.

I kneeboarded my way around Gymea Bay, the token female screaming her way across the water, having the time of my life. Doing gangsigns, peace-outs, flipping over waves .... all in my undies because I forgot my swimmers.

Best sober Christmas time EVER.

I got home and gave my sisters and mother copious grateful kisses. They loved that I had a great time, then told me that Rocco had done a poo on the hardwood floor.

I was *so* glad I didn't have to clean it up.

Then we all ate a huge lunch and it was grand.

Then we went to Dave's family Christmas across town. Note to self: Do NOT do both of our families in one day ever again. Too much.


Now it is Boxing Day and everybody is cranky, over-tired, and exhausted.

Thank goodness Christmas only happens once a year.


  1. WOW, sounds [and looks] like you had a brilliant time!!

    Regarding the "other" thing that we won't tell anyone about, I will not even pretend to know how hard it can be, it still is but as long as you're aware of that you'll win the battle. After all, as you yourself said, you've met Bono YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

    Glad you got some time out on Christmas day!


  2. wow! sounds like you had an awesome time :-)
    And it looks like lots of fun as well
    Glad you had a great xmas and have a wonderful boxing day:-)

  3. Love the photos xo see you soon


    Wish I was there. Or you were here.

    D. was here.

  5. I imagine the holidays are more difficult - stress plus everyone drinking to celebrate. Good for you for continued resistance...and how wonderful that your family could step up to help you have a day off. I bet you don't get too many of those.

    Looks like a fantastic Christmas, and I'd say the best present was not having to clean up after Rocco!

  6. I love that you went in your undies. And that is the biggest ham I've ever seen.
    Good job on ignoring the call of the beer, wine and whatever. I can imagine it's difficult but you are an inspiration.

  7. We did both families in one day yesterday too. It sucked balls. All I want for Christmas is a day to bum around the house just ourselves and not have to cook half the day and drive all over creation to please everyone else.

  8. WOOOHOO! That looks like loads of fun, good on you!
    And well done getting through another festive day, you rock xx

  9. As I was looking at all the pictures Maddie came up and she had to know one by one what you were doing. She really liked the photos.

    I think she would tell you to eat a cupcake when the bottle calls. But then she, like me, thinks that cupcakes are a general cure all.


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