Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Mr. Hewson, I Presume

"The only limits are the limits of your imagination. Dream up the kind of world you want to live in - dream out loud. At high volume!" - Bono

I'm late.

I'm about to hop into my car and drive down to Sydney - I have an appointment at the sleek Apple  Shop, to hopefully exchange my broken iPhone. Then, I may or may not have an appointment with destiny.

Number one on  my bucket list? The Numero Uno thing I really need to do before I die and leave this planet? Get my photo taken with Bono.

Bono is in Sydney, to turn the lights on the Opera House and Harbour Bridge ... illuminating them red , in honour of World Aids Day tomorrow. Celebrities are even getting in on the act, with "online deaths" planned, and fans are given the opportunity to buy them back by donating money.

It's an awesome cause. For the first time ever, I've even added a twibbon to my twitter avatar. (Is "twibbon" not the stupidist word of all time?) (I'm cynical enough to know that a twibbon will not really do much ... so I will donate some $$$ tomorrow too. Money talks.)


So, I'm hoping to say hello to Bono today. Contemplated making a cardboard sign and standing near the Opera House in the rain all afternoon, looking for a big switch that he will flick later to make Australia's icons go (RED) ... but I couldn't POSSIBLY do that. (A cardboard sign would go soggy in the rain.)

I want a photo of us together, maybe doing gang signs. Why not?

I know he's the lead singer of the greatest band the world has ever seen, and I am a middle-aged married mother of small children. So what.

I plan on giving him my blog business card, so he might even read this. I know he won't, but there's a 0.3 percent chance he will.

And fuck statistics, anyway.


Dear Bono,

Thank you for the soundtrack to this, my wild and precious life. I don't know exactly how you knew when I was going through all of my different stages to get here ... but you did. Your music and your heart sings straight to my heart ..... rips the skin up in my chest and goes straight in there. Your words have saved me, often. The Angel finally hit the ground ... and then she got up and got on with it.

Thank you for being a flawed, cheeky, hot, bumbling, awesome rock star. Thank you for using your powers for good. Thank you for holding my hand that time on stage back in '06. You can't dance for shit. I love you.

Eden XO


  1. I love this post Eden. I really hope the gods are with you today.

  2. Good luck, Eden! I have all my fingers and toes crossed that you'll get that picture, gang signs and all.

    I'm going to the gig on the 13th (can it still be called a gig if it's in a stadium??).

    I almost met Bono and Edge on Boxing Day 1997. I was in Dublin, some people I knew decided to go the club they own, I was a bit tired and decided to stay in a local pub. They got there and met the pair, I stayed in the dingy pub and danced to 'How Bizarre', have kicked myself ever since.


  3. I hope that you can get your picture!

    On the one hand, I love U2's music. It does feel a bit like the soundtrack to my life sometimes. On the other hand, Bono is a very voluble spokesperson for very important causes. But on the third hand, sometimes the guy is just a pretentious jackass. I demand perfection!

  4. Have everything crossed for you - even my eyes

  5. For all you know, he's wondering on his private blog if he'll get to meet the fabulous EEEEEDZ, the muse who has always inspired and sometimes haunted his psyche. He's angsting about how to get his business card into your hands without appearing too cheeky.

  6. Hey you know what, stranger things have happened!

    If we can get Gene Simmons from KISS to ring our house - then you can get a photo with Bono making gang signs!


  7. Hey Eden!
    Long time since I've caught up on blogging. Hope you got to meet and touch Bono! And a pic too!

  8. If I was Bono I would totally dig that letter and I would hunt you down and take you out to dinner.


Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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