Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A List for the Listless

1. Controversially, I have switched from a soy latte to a skim flat white to ..... a cappuchino with one sugar. Who the heck needs chocolate AND sugar in their coffee? (Apparently me. What?)

2. I used the word "heck" just then because I've given up swearing. Just like that.

3. Today I drove to my good friend Sophie's house and wept in front of her and she was so lovely about it. I usually keep all of my pain to myself. Lucky Sophie! She is having exhibitions everywhere lately ... the pic at the top of this post is one in her latest series, "Portrait of a Lost Soul." I call her a creative genius. The world needs more compliments. And more Sophie's.

4. I am addicted to Mad Men. Imagine being the set designer for that show?

5. I have a world-weary heart, today. It'll pass. Even kidney stones pass.

6. My 18-year old Timmy Guyo finally got all of his clothes washing up to date. There was a huge pile in the middle of his bedroom ..... Rocco walked up there, climbed on top of it, and took his nappy off. His poo cascaded onto the clean washing heap, rather like Neil Armstrong putting a flag on the moon.

7. Dave completely forgot and blew off our wedding anniversary. I sulked. I was *completely* understanding about it.

8. I'm talking on some panels at Sydney Bloggers Festival on Thursday. Come say hi. I'll be hiding under the table.

9. U2 is coming to Sydney in a few weeks ... I haven't got a ticket yet. I KNOW. I do, however, plan on meeting Bono outside of his hotel, and getting a photo taken with him. So .... can anyone help me with that?

10. Max and Rocco have started petty squabbling with each other. I'm not enjoying that, at all. Perhaps it's my karma for arguing so much with my brother Cameron? I was .... eight years older than him.

11. I love my brother Cameron so much. You know how your siblings are the closest people in your life to understanding where you came from? Yeah. It's like a secret language. Rocco sees him and goes flying into his arms for a huge hug. Cam's face lights up beautifully.

12. Today in the car I said to Max, "Sweetheart, you know I love you? I really hope you know that."

He replied - "Yes mum, I know you do. You tell me every single day!"



  1. Picturing a diaperless Rocco at the top of a once clean laundry pile and giggling. You got to give him credit, he is creative in his shenanigans.

  2. I am completely and hopelessly addicted to Mad Men too.

    Oh my heart sank when I read about the poo. We've had a few poo-on-the-floor incidents this week and some clean washing dragged through a muddy puddle.

    See you tomorrow! I can keep you company under the table. I'm not speaking but I'm terrible at meeting new people.

  3. Your Rocco does love to spread it around, doesn't he? So glad he doesn't live in my house, adorable though he may be. I could not handle that!

    I usually got along very well with my (8 years) older sister...until we became adults and she discounted my every opinion. So if the fireworks are going now, they will likely have a wonderful relationship when they're older!

  4. your Rocco and my Grover (aka the Turdinator) must never meet. Ever.

  5. 9. If you find someone who can hook you up with a Bono photo opp, I will be completely in awe of you (and utterly jealous) AND mostly looking forward to seeing the photo here!!


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